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Simplify Incident Management with These 5 Atlassian Tools

Confluence, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Opsgenie, Jira Service Desk, Incident Management, Statuspage

When an IT incident occurs, it can take an enormous amount of cross-functional collaboration to resolve it. Restoring service to optimal working order is, of course, paramount, but the communication piece of things[...]

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How Atlassian Is Putting Cloud Marketplace App Security First

Atlassian Cloud

We all know by now that Atlassian's goal is to move all customers to the cloud. It won't happen without trust and security. That's why Atlassian's Ecosystem Security team is working on programs that ensure[...]

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Jira Service Desk Cloud Pro Tip—Automatically Add New Approvers without Overwriting Existing Ones

Atlassian Cloud, Jira Service Desk

Having worked with ITSM teams all over the country, I've seen my fair share of Jira Service Desk's approval feature put to good use. Change control and access request approvals are very common, as well as purchases[...]

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A Simple Groovy Script for Bulk Disabling Custom Field Values in Jira

Atlassian, Software Solutions

Here at Isos Technology, we've seen use cases for pretty much everything. One use case that has come up repeatedly, for both my clients and myself as an admin, has been bulk disabling custom field values. Say you[...]

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Your One-Stop Guide to Incident Management Using Atlassian Tools

Atlassian Tools, Jira Service Desk, ITSM, Incident Management


IT incidents happen, and while they are always unplanned, your response to them doesn’t have to be. A well-handled incident with clear and transparent communication can actually build customer trust. And a[...]

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How to Minimize RPO & RTO in Jira During a Disaster

Atlassian, Disaster Recovery

In previous blog posts, we've discussed both the metrics to be mindful of during a catastrophic outage of an Atlassian application, and how to get started with snapshots of your applications in order to protect the[...]

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Fast Forward to Life After COVID-19: Will Tech Workforces Stay Remote?

Remote Work



The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of just about everyone in the world, to some degree or another. At this point, there's no question about it. Aside from the effect on people's health and well-being,[...]

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Webinar: 10 Decisions to Make Before Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Cloud, Atlassian Cloud

The recording and presentation slides of our September 23rd ITSM webinar, presented by Isos Technology and StarCIO are now available!

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#1 Decision to Make When Considering Atlassian Cloud: Time to Move?

Atlassian Cloud

It wasn’t that long ago that organizations evaluating Atlassian Cloud fell into the category of, “That looks promising, but it’s not mature enough for my organization right now.” And with that, thoughts of Cloud were[...]

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