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Shortcodes for the Shortsighted: A WordPress Solution for Extra Markup

Software Development, Software Solutions

Ok… that title was a little meaner that it was intended. When a designer chooses to use a CMS, the intention is for other people to be able to maintain the content. If a static site is used, no one but the designer or[...]

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How to Go From Zero to Hero Using Jira for Any Kind of Process

Development Process, Atlassian, Jira, Software Solutions

We spend much of our work day either fulfilling routine requests or making requests of others, both inside and outside of our organization, that they would deem routine. Your daily work effort consists of processes that[...]

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3D Printing with Blender - Part 1


We have the coolest office in existence!  Old school arcade games, TV's everywhere, snacks, soda, beer!  I think the partners never want us leaving. But my favorite is our Makerbot Replicator.  For a year-and-a-half now[...]

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Portal Applications: Single Sign On with Portlets

Portal, Software Solutions


This blog will cover at a minimum what you need to do for a simple form-based Single Sign On (SSO) in the context of a portlet, though parts of it could be applicable for any application. This scenario will[...]

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HDI Conference Wrap Up - Observations & Numbers

Development Process, Confluence, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Software Solutions

For those not familiar with the HDI Conference, HDI is the premier IT service and technical support conference in the ITSM industry. This year’s conference was hosted by Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The Isos Team[...]

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Why Agile Fails: the Transformation Conundrum - Part II

Development Process, Software Development, Software Solutions

Guest post by Ankur Saxena

Last Week I began a discussion into why agile transformation may fail. I will be continuing the discussion today.

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Why Agile Fails: the Transformation Conundrum - Part I

Development Process, Software Development, Software Solutions

Guest post by Ankur Saxena

For any kind of transformation initiative to be successful, it is important that an organization realizes the need for change. Often times that need is self evident in our day-to-day workings.[...]

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How to Resurrect Yourself from Total Project Burnout

Culture, Project Management

By David Wierbiki

There is a thrill to starting a new project... delving into the requirements, discussions with enthusiastic business partners, new teammates, and usually something new, technically or procedurally, you[...]

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Atlassian Auto-Merging: Bamboo Configuration

Atlassian, Bamboo

By Thomas Behlau

After having a look at the merging features in Stash, we will take a tour thru the configuration of Bamboo with regards to its auto-merging features.

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