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Comparing Atlassian Cloud Licensing: Monthly vs. Annual

If you are considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud, it’s important to weigh the cost implications...

18 Oct, 2019

The right plugin at the right time

I recently had my first experience with modifying a shell script, and it was interesting. Now,...

17 Oct, 2019

Automatically Populating the Synchrony Configuration

If you want to run your own Synchrony cluster for Confluence Data Center or you are running in a...

16 Oct, 2019

Continuous Integration with Atlassian

Creating a complete cycle of continuous integration can make or break a software team’s efficiency....

15 Oct, 2019

The Link | Creating Auto-Filled Jira Issues in a Hurry

In a hurry? It turns out that creating a Jira issue can be done directly via a single HTML link....

15 Oct, 2019

How to Disable the Jira Create Button for a Jira Service Desk Project

Question: Now that we are rolling out a Service desk customer portal, can we prevent everyone from...

14 Oct, 2019

Synchrony Simplified in Data Center

Anybody who has implemented Confluence Data Center 6.0 through 6.11 likely knows that Atlassian has...

11 Oct, 2019

The Multitasking Myth

Recently I learned that it is truly a waste of time to try and save time by multitasking. Studies...

10 Oct, 2019

LexoRank Negative Field_ID

Guest Contributor: Jason Wilcox

While troubleshooting ranking error messages showing within the...

10 Oct, 2019

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