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Untitled-263Advanced Roadmaps is a portfolio management tool and is primarily used by leadership, project managers, and product owners to get a high-level overview of multiple projects. It comes already integrated with Jira Software Cloud at the Premium level, so you may already have access to it. If not, you may need to upgrade your Jira Software in order to have this feature.  

How Advanced Roadmaps Can Help Your Team

Advanced Roadmaps helps teams in a number of ways, but two of the most common uses for it are for building out multiple projects and visualizing their status. When you use Jira out of the box, there's not an easy way to see what is happening across multiple projects, how those projects affect each other, or the timelines associated with them. With Advanced Roadmaps, you can create customized visuals that show project delays, pain points. and even projects that might be completed faster than expected.



Agile Organizations and Dependencies

In agile organizations, there are often multiple teams with different initiatives that roll up to the company's overall goals. Typically, each individual goal is broken down into portfolios that each team is responsible for completing. It's important to understand dependencies between projects, since a delay in one can have a ripple effect and cause dependent projects to get behind schedule. Advanced Roadmaps helps you understand this, so you can plan appropriately, problem solve, pivot, and hold the right teams accountable. 


Advanced Roadmaps at Isos

Here at Isos, our leadership team uses Advanced Roadmaps to keep projects flowing, and to better understand how we can improve our business processes. When looking at a ground-to-cloud migration for a customer, for example, we have a budget from the IT department associated with it. Once we get the migration completed, we then need to onboard our customer's employees. In this case, onboarding the employees is dependent on the migration being completed. By viewing the timeline in context with dependent projects, leadership can make informed decisions about project scope and identify changes that might need to be made. 


Advanced Roadmaps vs. Jira Align

Advanced Roadmaps is a perfect tool for an organization that is in the early stages of agile adoption and has a limited number of portfolios. If a company is in an advanced stage of agile maturity and has a larger number of portfolios that need to be reviewed on a day-to-day basis, Advanced Roadmaps may not be the best fit. At that point, it might be beneficial to implement Jira Align, which is similar to Advanced Roadmaps but works at a higher level. 

Here at Isos, we can help determine if Advanced Roadmaps or Jira Align is the best choice for your company, implement and optimize these tools, and even train your team to work in them. Please contact us if you're interested in an implementation or training for your team.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at Advanced Roadmaps Part 1: From Planning Pain to Planning Panache by Tracy Walton. It's the first part of a four-part series of “how-tos” for Advanced Roadmaps.

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