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DSC09775Did you all know that our HubSpot instance is award-winning? Really, it’s kind of a big deal!

Through detailed collaboration and a ton of hard work, the winning combination of Orange Marketing and Isos Technology earned Orange Marketing the coveted Grow Better: Marketing Impact Award in 2021. You might be thinking…what is an Impact Award and why is this a big deal?

Every year, HubSpot receives numerous case studies written by partners worldwide who are all chasing the coveted Impact Award. The Impact Award was created to recognize partners' efforts to help their clients “grow better”. This award created a way for partners to showcase their results and to honor their best client success stories (that’s Isos - this is where we fit in). 

Early in 2020, Isos Technology purchased HubSpot, after coming to a realization that their sales and marketing technology infrastructure was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Isos collaborated with Orange Marketing and created a three-month migration timeline together that would: 

  • Keep organic traffic intact
  • Decrease overall system maintenance
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Increase the number of closed/won deals generated by marketing
  • Ensure minimal disruption to the sales team

Given Orange Marketing's proven track record, their recommendations were well-received by Isos. Over those first three months, they successfully tackled the following migrations in this order: 

  1. Isos’ Blog, Social Media, and Email - Orange Marketing created a blog generated inside HubSpot to automate social media posts and the Isos Technology weekly newsletter. 
  2. Salesforce and Jira - Orange Marketing worked with the sales team to mimic much of what they were accustomed to seeing in their current prospecting and task management systems: Jira and Salesforce CRM. They also created top notch workflow automation, and the migration from Salesforce to HubSpot was completed in just one afternoon!
  3. Website - Ahead of the migration, the teams analyzed all aspects of the website and decided to archive and redirect hundreds of blog posts and numerous web pages. Orange Marketing also created an extensive resource library to house Isos' content.

So now that Isos had HubSpot up and running successfully, what were the results? Similar to many organizations, the success of the marketing team is measured on the results of the closed/won deals that are associated with a MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead). Since implementing HubSpot, Isos has seen an increase in revenue quarter over quarter since Q3 2020. Our closed/won deals associated with a MQL have increased 30%, and the revenue on these deals has increased by 38%. In addition to this, the number of MQLs has increased 19% and the number of SQLs (Sales Qualified Lead) by 15%. Also, kind of a big deal! 

Today, Isos and Orange Marketing have moved into a long-term relationship and Orange Marketing remains a core marketing partner. Isos will often run ideas and strategy past Orange Marketing from both the sales and marketing departments, and Orange Marketing is there to support execution on various levels. Isos Technology is so very honored to have been the client success story that placed Orange Marketing onto the HubSpot Impact Award Hall of Fame. To read the official Orange Marketing case study and to visit the Hall of Fame, please click here.

Healthcare Technology Isos Case Study

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