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Atlassian Tools

Jira Service Management: How to Scale with Automation

At Isos Technology, one common trend we're seeing is organizations that have scaled beyond the...

27 Jul, 2021

Tired of Hulu? Bored with Netflix? Team Tour ’21 Is Now Streaming (for Free)!

Didn’t get enough great Atlassian content at Team ’21? Or maybe you missed out on Team ’21...

13 Jul, 2021

New Jira Service Management Guide!

New Jira Service Management guide! With the recent introduction of Jira Service Management (JSM),...

29 Jun, 2021

Is Jira Service Management Right For Your Company?

Jira Service Management (JSM) and Jira Software (JSW) are both amazing software tools, so how do...

15 Jun, 2021

Your Easy-Peasy Guide to Setting Up a Jira Service Management Knowledge Base

One way to cut down on the number of tickets that are opened in Jira Service Management (JSM) is to...

15 Jun, 2021

Enabling IT Transformation: Agile, DevOps, and ITSM Workflow Automations and Integrations

Guest Contributor: Isaac Sacolick, President | CIO, StarCIO

Let’s take stock of where your...

8 Jun, 2021
Atlassian Tools

A How-to on Effectively Using Queues in Jira Service Management

Queues in Jira Service Management (JSM) are a great way to bucket issues, helping to put the work...

25 May, 2021

Atlassian’s ThinkTilt Acquisition is a ProForma Formula for ITSM & ESM Success

In the runup to Team ’21, Atlassian announced they had acquired ThinkTilt, the company that makes...

11 May, 2021
Atlassian Tools

5 Surprising Insights on the Important SRE Role

Guest Contributor: Isaac Sacolick, President | CIO, StarCIO

Google wrote the book on Site...

23 Mar, 2021
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