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When I first started working remote for Isos Technology, I imagined that finding a work-life balance would be simple; after all, with no one peering over my shoulder, turning off should be easy, right?

I soon discovered that wasn't the case. In reality, I was always striving to maintain a healthy work/life balance as the lines between work and life became increasingly blurred.

I began searching the internet for a solution, and discovered some things that worked and some that didn't. While it's not perfect, I believe I'm finally getting the hang of this work/life balance thing.

Following are eight strategies I use to keep my day balanced. I hope they'll be helpful to you as you strive to find your own work/life balance.


1. Be Aware of Your Peaks and Troughs

When you first get up in the morning, do you feel more enthusiastic and focused?

If you are, schedule things that need a lot of concentration in the mornings. Don't put off difficult tasks till later in the day, and vice versa.


2. Set Work Hours and Stick to Them

Set regular work hours for yourself and do everything you can to stick to them. Otherwise, you'll find yourself working longer hours and questioning why you're exhausted all of the time.


3. Prioritize Your Time

If you have a huge to-do list with tons of tasks on it, divide them into these four categories to prioritize them.

  1. Urgent and crucial
  2. Valuable but not urgent
  3. Important but not urgent
  4. Neither urgent nor significant


4. Keep Expectations in Check

Perform a brief self-evaluation at the end of each working day. Consider what went well today, what didn't, and how any problems can be resolved.

If you're part of a remote team, don't forget that they can be a great resource too for sharing how they organize their days.


5. Take Personal Time

At least once a day, take a break to relax and enjoy yourself. Whether you go out to lunch with friends or simply catch up on your latest TV series, this will do wonders for your well-being.


6. Be Mindful

When fear, self-doubt, or anxiety arise, work on your mental health by doing something like meditation or yoga or journaling, whatever helps you practice mindfulness.


7. Prioritize Exercise

Because you have too many tasks to complete, it's easy to skip your daily workout, yoga class, or run.

Instead, when planning your day, make sure that exercise is one of your top priorities. A healthy body equals a fresh mind, so you'll be more productive and get things done faster.


8. Learn to Say No

It's easy to overwork yourself by accepting every task that comes your way, but don't feel obligated to complete them all. Instead, assess your workload first to see if you truly have the time and energy. It's okay to say no!

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