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Untitled-13There’s more big news from Atlassian coming fast on the heels of Team ‘23, where they introduced Atlassian Intelligence, announced the general availability of Atlassian Analytics, and introduced a ton of new features and functionality in Confluence! This time around, the company has announced the highly anticipated general availability of Jira Product Discovery, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically to empower product teams in collecting, structuring, and prioritizing their invaluable product ideas.


About Jira Product Discovery

Companies rely on product managers and their teams to bridge the gap between customers and developers. The product team’s job is to listen to the customer, get to know their needs and wants, and determine how their company’s solutions should be enhanced and improved. Yet, there hasn’t been much in the way of a dedicated solution to help product teams do their job–they’ve mostly had to rely on spreadsheets–until now!

Jira Product Discovery (JPD) is a game-changing tool tailor-made for product teams, empowering them to seamlessly gather ideas and critical information such as customer feedback and data. Product teams can collaborate as they iterate around those ideas and fine-tune them; share roadmaps for those ideas with stakeholders and get feedback; and prioritize the most relevant ones before moving them into the Jira Software backlog.

Unlock the Potential of Jira Product Discovery:

  • Gather and prioritize your ideas - There are out-of-the-box templates available so you can capture consistent information for each idea, which helps when comparing and evaluating them.
  • Add insights and information - You can add information from support tickets, Community posts, and even Slack messages, so you don’t have to comb through different tools to find what you need.
  • Create roadmaps and share them with stakeholders - There are both board and timeline views, and you can even ask for votes and get reactions.
  • Connect ideas to work in Jira - Once an idea is fully baked, you can open a Jira issue directly within JPD and connect the tickets, so you can also continue to track the JSW issue and see how it’s progressing.

Jira Product Discovery is free for small teams of three people and under. For teams that are larger than that, it is $10 per month, per Creator. (Creators are people who will actively create and manage projects and ideas.) The solution is free for project Collaborators who can open and view projects and ideas, comment, and add ideas and insights.

Jira Product Discovery is a Cloud-only product–it’s not available for Atlassian Data Center.


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