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Hgih velocity_FacebookLinkedin__1040x584Last week, we were lucky enough to attend Atlassian Presents: High Velocity ITSM from the comfort of our own homes. The event featured exclusive ITSM events, webinars, and product demos, with the goal of empowering teams to deliver high-velocity, rock-star level service management at scale. In case you missed it, we're bringing you the “most fire” (as the kids say) content in the setlist.🤘 The digital experience is available here until March 3rd, 2023.

The Opener

How we built it: modernizing Atlassian's own IT service desk

Learning how Atlassian uses its own products is a great way to jump in, and helps create a foundation for understanding the why behind the product and features. After all, they are big advocates of dogfooding...see more on that in this podcast. Learn more about the goals and learning experience behind creating a comprehensive solution, as Atlassian's IT Manager and Senior Workplace Technology Manager discuss their journey of building out Atlassian's service desk using Jira Service Management, Halp, and Confluence in this webinar.

Main Event

Enterprise service management 101: request management for non-technical teams

Enterprise service management, or ESM, is the use of IT Service Management beyond IT teams in an organization. In this webinar, Atlassian's Product Marketing Senior Associate discusses how to extend Jira Service Management across business teams, allowing them to become more efficient, more self-sufficient, and more productive by giving them the tools to succeed on their own. An interesting and informative demo of ESM use cases in Jira Service Management is shared in the webinar, along with some ESM customer stories, including one from our customer CBS!

The Encore

Taking Jira Service Management Premium to the next level with automation

For those that have outgrown the Standard tier of JSM, but aren’t quite large enough for the Enterprise level, Atlassian has provided a great middle-ground in the Premium tier. Shaun Pinney and Jeremy Cooley, Atlassian Product Marketing Associates, walk through the common challenges that teams face when trying to get the most out of JSM, and how they can be overcome with JSM Premium’s features, specifically automation. Jeremy provides a great demo, giving a helpful refresher on the basics of automation, as well as showcasing global and multi-project automation across a few different use-cases, which are sure to come in handy sooner or later. 

We hope you found our recap valuable! If you missed the event, you can still access the content on demand for the next few months. If you are left with any unanswered questions about ITSM, feel free to contact us at any time.

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