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If you're thinking about transitioning your organization to Atlassian Cloud, you won’t want to miss the latest episode of Atlassian Impact. In this episode, Erin Philips, Director of Product Marketing, and Jon Johnson, Senior System Engineer at Isos Technology, discuss key aspects of Atlassian Cloud migration and its business impact.

With Atlassian Server end of life approaching in February 2024, now is the time to migrate and future-proof your business. Join Erin and Jon as they discuss the importance of planning early, setting realistic timelines, and collaborating with solution partners like Isos Technology to migrate successfully, with the least amount of risk and disruption to your organization. 

In this episode, we'll cover: 

  • The benefits of migrating to Atlassian Cloud, including enhanced scalability, automatic updates, robust security, and better user experiences
  • The urgency of migrating to Atlassian Cloud before Atlassian Server end-of-life
  • Expert tips for a successful migration, including strategic planning and communication
  • The cost-saving potential of Atlassian Cloud for businesses of all sizes

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