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Guest Author: Andy Fernandez

cloud-3Hi there! I’m Andy Fernandez, Director of Product Management at HYCU, an Atlassian Ventures Company and partner of Isos Technology. Team ‘24 is coming soon, and I’m thrilled to meet all of you in Vegas. I’m here to tell you about a theater session you won’t want to miss. 

Together with Isos, we're bringing a MythBusters-style presentation to the table, addressing key misconceptions around data protection and compliance within Atlassian Cloud. 


Unpacking the Atlassian Cloud experience 

In our experience, Atlassian Cloud offers remarkable flexibility and user-friendliness for organizations, particularly with Jira Service Management. 

However, there's a widespread phenomenon we've spotted: negligence towards data protection and backup strategies. Why?  

Atlassian Cloud alleviates the Atlassian administrative burden for companies - no hosting woes, no tedious patching - and updates become a thing of the past. It's a significant shift for those who have grappled with Server or Data Center responsibilities. In the cloud, system-level security and high availability needs are managed for you. 

This convenience has led to a dangerous assumption: backup responsibilities are obsolete. This misconception overlooks the shared responsibility inherent in SaaS and cloud services. 


What does a parking garage have to do with Atlassian Cloud?  

Consider Atlassian Cloud a parking garage. It's expected to be accessible, well-lit, and have functional payment systems. However, should your car suffer damage, or a theft occur due to an unattended window, the garage isn't liable. Similarly, while cloud platforms ensure system integrity and availability, it's up to you and your organization to safeguard your accounts and data. 


Join us at Team ‘24: Busting Backup Myths  

Along with Nick Sommerfeld, Manager of Solution Engineering at Isos Technology, I’m going to deliver a rapid-fire session where we bust all myths related to backup, security, and compliance in Atlassian Cloud. You won’t want to miss it! 

Bookmark the session here and reach out to your trusted Atlassian expert at Isos Technology for more information about protecting your data in the cloud.  

See you there! 


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