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Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH) is one of the largest and most successful lodging franchisors in the world. Choice Hotels currently franchises more than 7,000 hotels, representing nearly 570,000 rooms, in more than 40 countries and territories. 

When their engineering and DevOps teams decided to migrate away from Rally, their platform of ten years, they chose Jira Software in Atlassian Cloud Premium. Although they originally intended to perform the migration themselves and had started manually migrating data into Jira, they quickly ran into several challenges. 

The Problem

Choice Hotels had 15,000 work items and hundreds of archived and active projects to migrate from Rally into Jira, and Rally’s hierarchical structure does not map one-to-one with Jira. Most critically, there was no wiggle room on when Choice Hotels needed to be out of Rally, and with six weeks until the deadline, they realized they needed expert help to achieve the results they wanted in a short timeframe. Isos was transparent with Choice Hotels, in that there was significant risk involved with migrating quickly, and that it was going to be tough to hit their deadline.


The Solution

Despite the challenging circumstances, Isos and Choice Hotels worked side by side as partners to make the migration happen. Together they came up with the main goals and created a detailed list of tasks that was updated daily to track progress. The project included:

  • Capturing all of the data in Rally and moving into Jira, including work items, fields, projects, and attachments
  • Setting up screens, terminology, and structure in Jira to be familiar to users
  • Configuring the data hierarchy and reporting to look the way Choice Hotels wanted projects and information 
  • Installing and configuring Advanced Roadmaps for Jira
  • Custom setup of metadata, history for field changes, and workflows

Download the Case Study

The Results

With the help of Isos Technology, Choice Hotels was able to complete the migration on time and ensure key users had access to the data they needed. Results include:

  • Increased functionality and efficiency
  • Increased visibility and collaboration
  • Granular reporting
  • And more!

Download our case study below to learn more!

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