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cloudssMany organizations using Atlassian tools have started thinking about migrating to Cloud after Atlassian announced that the end-of-life for Server deployments will take place in February 2024. While Data Center remains an option, Atlassian has been investing heavily in Cloud, which you can read more about in its recent quarterly letter to shareholders.

With Cloud on everyone's mind, we gathered some of our in-house experts to discuss Cloud migration. Read on for their insight, or watch the video below!


What are the benefits of migrating to Atlassian Cloud?

One of the greatest benefits of migrating to Cloud is that you don't have to worry about all of the administrative headaches of managing the Atlassian tools. In Cloud, Atlassian manages the tools for you, so you never need to patch, and Atlassian handles security. You get real-time updates, so your team can take advantage of enhancements and new features immediately. When your team isn't burdened with the management of the tools, they can focus on core business objectives instead.


Why should organizations use an Atlassian Solution Partner to migrate?

Migrations come with inherent risk and complexity, and every migration is unique, so we always recommend that organizations reach out to an Atlassian Solution Partner like Isos Technology to discuss their situation. Our team has completed hundreds of migrations, so we know what it takes to migrate tools, teams, issues, and data with the least amount of risk and disruption to your business. Our team often inherits projects that organizations have attempted on their own, or with other solution providers, and they just don't have the knowledge and experience that we do to complete migrations successfully. 


What happens after my organization gets to Cloud?

Our team strongly believes that our job is not done once a Cloud migration is over. After cutover, we'll make sure your employees are trained on your new Cloud instance, and that everyone feels comfortable using it. We also have a Managed Services offering where we can continue to provide support for your Cloud instance and strategic guidance for your business after the migration is complete. At Isos, we’re really here for you throughout the whole journey to make sure that you're successful in Cloud.


Where can I get more information about migrating to Atlassian Cloud?

Isos has many resources on cloud migration, like our guide: Know Before You Go: Considerations in Migrating to Atlassian Cloud. Check out our resource hub, where you can filter to see all of our cloud content, or take this Cloud Readiness Quiz, to find out if you’re ready for a cloud migration. ​​Feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions!

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