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demystificationMore than 90% of new Atlassian customers choose their cloud deployment option. Among its many benefits, it allows them to get started faster, increase productivity, streamline administration, and scale more efficiently. Further, as Atlassian phases out Server, the company is increasingly focused on enhancing its cloud offerings, driving more existing customers than ever to make the shift from both Server and Data Center.

And while more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Atlassian tools (many within the cloud), they're not just for businesses operating at scale. Atlassian has a cloud offering for teams of all sizes, from less than ten to tens of thousands.

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In our whitepaper, we are primarily focused on Jira Software, Confluence, and JSM at each of the three paid Atlassian Cloud offerings: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise tiers. The functionality of individual products may vary from tier to tier, and in addition to uptime, support, and other differentiating factors, product functionality may also likely be an influential factor in what cloud tier is best for your organization. 

Be sure to check out this great resource for a comparison of the Atlassian Cloud Plans and help in determining which is best suited for your company!Download Whitepaper Now

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