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money-1Whether we’re helping a new customer migrate to Jira Service Management (JSM) from a legacy solution like ServiceNow or implementing it from scratch, some of the most frequent questions we get have to do with Jira Service Management pricing. “How much does JSM actually cost?” Every situation is different, so in terms of hard costs, the answer depends on which plan you choose and the number of users you have.

However, when trying to determine Jira Service Management pricing, we recommend you look beyond the hard costs and consider the total cost of ownership. 

When evaluating JSM's total cost of ownership, you may want to consider:

  • Actual hard costs: Jira Service Management pricing per tier, per user
  • That JSM has comprehensive service, incident, change, asset, and knowledge management, which means you can sunset other solutions.
  • License management 
  • The total economic benefits of migrating to JSM from a legacy solution

Next, we’ll explore each of these key considerations.


Jira Service Management Pricing: Calculating Hard Costs

JSM licensing fees are certainly one of the most significant and easily quantifiable hard costs related to implementing the solution. Unlike many competitors, Atlassian strives to be transparent about costs so that you will find the latest per-user Jira Service Management pricing on its website. 

The company offers four different plans, each with their own pricing structure:

  • Free - JSM is completely free for up to three service agents, but storage and email notifications are limited. It’s a good fit for small teams and a smart way to get started if you just want to try it out.
  • Standard - The Standard plan offers a lot of value for the money. You can have up to 20,000 agents with this plan, but it doesn’t have quite as much functionality at Premium plans. If you can do without asset management, this might be a fit for you.
  • Premium - The Premium plan is an excellent solution for busy IT service desks. It includes asset management capabilities and a 99.99% SLA, but you’ll have to pay extra for Access to connect to your identity provider.
  • Enterprise - The Enterprise plan is essential if you need more than one site, and Access is included to manage users across sites. Atlassian Analytics and Atlassian Data Lake are also included in this plan.

You can compare Jira Service Management plans and pricing in detail here or contact the Isos team. We’d be happy to chat!


Jira Service Management Pricing: Comprehensive Functionality May Mean Sunsetting Other Solutions

Looking beyond Jira Service Management pricing and licensing fees, migrating to JSM can significantly reduce hard costs related to other software in use within your company. JSM is so much more than just an ITSM solution. In addition to its service management capabilities, JSM incorporates comprehensive incident and problem, asset and configuration, change, and knowledge management. That, in addition to powerful, built-in, low-code/no-code automation, means companies that switch to JSM may be able to sunset other solutions they currently rely on to support some of these capabilities.

In addition, Jira Service Management is so flexible that it is an excellent solution for service desks of all types–facilities, human resources, marketing, legal, procurement, and more. At Isos Technology, we’ve stood up many of these types of service portals. Companies benefit from streamlining those processes and create much-needed visibility for cross-departmental workflows like onboarding and offboarding. And again, the point solutions those departments were previously using can be sunsetted, too.

Jira Service Management Pricing: Right-sizing Your Plan and Leveraging Automation May Mean Sunsetting Apps

Another thing to keep in mind about the hard costs related to Jira Service Management pricing: since the functionality is somewhat different depending on what plan you opt for, upgrading plans, optimizing the way you use the solution, or making use of automation may mean that you can sunset some of the Marketplace apps you’re using. That will have an impact on your total cost of ownership, since you won’t have to pay licensing fees for those apps anymore.


Jira Service Management Pricing: The Total Economic Impact of Jira Service Management

Atlassian commissioned Forrester to conduct a quantitative study of how companies can benefit logistically and economically by switching from a legacy solution to JSM and how quickly they can see a return on their investment. The study considered up front implementation costs and licensing fees using Jira Service Management pricing at the Premium level. The results were precise: The Total Economic Impact of Atlassian Jira Service Management demonstrates how one company* achieved an ROI of 277%, economic benefits of $4.19M over three years, with a payback period for their upfront investment of just six months.

*The company reflects a composite organization based on interviews with six Jira Service Management customers.


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