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Today marks a new and exciting chapter in the Isos Technology story. We're thrilled to be joining the portfolio of The Acacia Group, a specialist investor in digital transformation businesses.

This move makes so much sense for Isos, our employees, and our customers. 

  • We are the cornerstone of Acacia's strategy to build the leading partner in the Atlassian partner ecosystem. In terms of scale, we are already well on the way to achieving that goal. We are joining forces with the dedicated Atlassian team at MajorKey Technologies, another Acacia portfolio company and a successful Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in their own right. This instantly creates a new "Platinum Powerhouse," one of the world's largest and most capable Atlassian partners.

  • The complementary skill sets and talent that Isos and MajorKey bring to the table will create an even more impactful experience for our customers, who are—and always have been—our number one priority. Together, we're in a much stronger position to deliver the untapped potential of the Atlassian tools to a new generation of customers and build deeper, more capable relationships with current customers to drive more value from their Atlassian investment.

  • I'm also excited by the opportunities this creates for Isos and MajorKey employees as part of a dynamic and growing business centered on a culture of collaboration and innovation. This cultural alignment between Isos, Acacia, and MajorKey was immediately apparent to us, illustrated by a shared commitment to invest in the development of our teams and build Isos as a place where Atlassian specialists can build a challenging and rewarding career. That commitment is now stronger than ever.

Work starts here to realize the full potential of this business together with our new colleagues. That means investing in our organic growth strategy, building out new capabilities, bringing our compelling story to our customers and partners, and planning for further acquisitions from the Atlassian partner community.

On a personal level, I couldn't be more excited about this partnership. Over the years, I've made many connections with partners, vendors, and investors in the Atlassian ecosystem. I instinctively knew that the teams at Acacia and MajorKey were the perfect fit for us, ensuring we enjoy a seamless integration. I can't wait to bring you more exciting news as Isos powers ahead in helping our customers change the world with the transformational potential of the Atlassian products.



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