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atlassian-impactIn the latest episode of Atlassian Impact, our host Erin Philips, Director of Product Marketing, is joined by JB Higgins, a Strategic Advisor at Isos Technology with over two decades of expertise in IT project leadership. This episode dives deep into Jira Product Discovery, highlighting its role in revolutionizing the product development process. Designed for those looking to enhance team efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver high-value product features, this episode is a must-listen. Erin and JB shed light on how Jira Product Discovery surpasses traditional product management tools by seamlessly integrating prioritization methods, roadmaps, and team collaboration into one comprehensive platform.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Jira Product Discovery is changing the game in product development and management.

  • The ways Jira Product Discovery can help your team operate at peak efficiency. 

  • Insightful examples and case studies that showcase Jira Product Discovery's impact across different teams.

  • Practical advice on incorporating Jira Product Discovery into your existing workflows to improve your product development lifecycle. 

Don't miss this chance to rethink your approach to product management, and learn strategies to transform ideas into impactful solutions. Ready to improve your product development process? Contact us today and check out the full episode to experience the difference Jira Product Discovery can make in your organization.

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