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CSD-2151-Team-23---Static-Email-Hero---Design-Want to work smarter and faster this year? Atlassian Team ‘23 is right around the corner and we can't wait to show customers how to do just that! We're thrilled to announce that Isos Technology is a proud Platinum Sponsor of Team '23, proving just how much value we believe this flagship event will provide the Atlassian community.

With partners, colleagues, customers, and the Atlassian crew headed to Vegas on April 18th (or joining virtually), we’re geared up for some incredible content, collaboration, and, of course, fun! To share the wealth virtually, we’ll be offering online content, videos, and also streaming from our booth! 

  • If you haven't read our other blog yet, check out why else we are so excited about what Atlassian is bringing to Team ‘23.
  • If you haven’t secured your ticket to be there yet, register for Team ‘23 here.
  • To book a meeting with Isos at our Team ‘23 booth (#37), click here


Isos is ready to accelerate into Team ‘23 


An Electrifying selection of breakout sessions  

A real bonus for you! You will hear from Crocs (yes, the comfy, popular shoe retailer many know and love) and their Senior Manager of Marketing Technology, Kevin Rigard, as well as our very own Atlassian Consultant, Nick Sommerfeld, who will tag-team this jam-packed session on ITSM best practices, teamwork, harmony, and growth. 

Another bonus! GoDaddy’s Senior Software Development Engineer, Alex Johnson, will join Atlassian and Isos as they give the inside scoop on how GoDaddy adopted new and improved ways of working in a federated environment. You won’t want to miss this! 

And there’s more! Hear from our Director of Agile Services, Tracy Walton, as she highlights five stand-out differences between Jira Align and Advanced Roadmaps.

Also, don’t miss out on Atlassian training classes, including an Atlassian course on Jira hosted by our Professional Services Consultants, Trevan Householder and Bobby Lott, and a JSM demo on change management and customization by Isos Solutions Engineer, Nick Nader.

Phew, that’s a lot! 


Our fast track to success 

Isos is truly pulling out all of the stops at Team ‘23. Isos leaders, trainers, and consultants will be available for you at our mind-blowing booth (filled with Isos giveaways, games, and fun!), or in our private meeting space (for quieter, focused conversations to keep it real). So, don’t forget to drop by our booth (#37), which is sure to delight. Pick up some eye-catching swag or enter our raffle for a chance to win a trip, valued at $3,000!

Our Isos peeps will be attending breakout sessions right along with our peers and customers. Team ’23 will have four tracks, and our Team ’23 Recap webinar on May 10th at 10AM PT (which will summarize all the great info you will hear) will cover major Atlassian updates and those same four topic areas:

  1. Agile & DevOps
  2. ITSM
  3. Work Management
  4. Teams & Culture 


Exhilarating happy hours and decadent cocktail parties

Catch us if you can! At night, we’ll be hopping around and meeting up with folks at: various partner events, BASH, and most importantly, our very own exclusive VIP Customer Party at YardBird Table & Bar at The Venetian®. We hope you’ll join us for lively conversations, nationally-acclaimed, southern comfort hors d'oeuvres and signature cocktails, and of course, plenty of fun! 

*Visit the Isos booth to grab your VIP sticker and bring it with you to the party! 


Spark new ideas and connections 

Team ’23 offers so many opportunities for the continued development of your Atlassian knowledge and expertise—combining best-in-class training, talks, sessions, and resources—all in one place. You’ll come away from Team ‘23 knowing the answer to the eternal question—how can we work smarter and faster so we delight both our customers and employees?

  • As a reminder, it’s best to plan ahead! Book a meeting with Isos at our Team ‘23 booth here
  • A bonus! See Isos Technology LIVE at Team '23! Get a quick glimpse into the conference and what we are learning!

Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, as we provide streaming, updates, and more at Team ’23! 

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