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How a Single Platform Can Improve DevOps and ITSM CollaborationIs your HR operation stuck in a loop of manual processes? Do employees struggle through paperwork and long response times? Get ready for a revolutionary HR transformation! Jira Service Management is mission control for modernizing your HR function and employee experience.

Let's look at the some of the awesome improvements:

Employee Portal with Instant Access

Employees can now submit requests through a custom portal at any time, day or night, making it easier than ever to submit necessary information such as:

  • PTO requests
  • Equipment orders
  • Payroll changes
  • Policy questions
  • And much more!

Configurable forms make it simple to provide details upfront, which means no waiting on hold or chasing down HR. Employees track the status of their issues and can add comments instantly. Cases resolve faster without endless emails, and HR workload is reduced due to repetitive questions being handled online.

Workflows Automated to Perfection

Say goodbye to manually shuffling requests between teams! Jira Service Management streamlines workflows seamlessly with automated routing and rules. Requests automatically route to the right HR reps based on the configured rules, and approval processes can allow for manager sign-off before moving forward. Hand-offs between HR functions happen flawlessly thanks to conditional logic. JSM makes it easier than ever to oversee employee onboarding, offboarding, asset requests, policy exceptions, and everything in between blast through precise, custom workflows.

Knowledge Base Beyond Compare

Tired of fragmented FAQ lists and outdated network folders? With Jira Service Management, your knowledge base has no comparison. Organize your handbooks, policies, training materials, and answers to every question imaginable. With robust search, suggested results, and popular articles highlighted, employees instantly find answers themselves. It's also easy to continually expand your knowledge base while monitoring usage analytics.

Asset Management Without Limits

Tracking assets in spreadsheets can make you feel endlessly overwhelmed. Not anymore! Jira Service Management enables robust asset management to catalog and track all your company equipment and resources. Build a catalog of laptops, phones, ID badges, corporate cards, and every asset you can think of, and then assign them to employees with configurable rules and workflows. Employees submit automated requests that trigger automated approval processes. Revoke and reassign assets automatically when employees leave. Run asset reports with absolute ease, and experience accuracy and order like never before.

Reporting That Speaks Volumes

Feeling lost in a reporting wilderness? Jira Service Management gives you visibility to everything HR. Track your workload, resolution times, top requests, SLA performance, and any metric you need. Drill into specifics or zoom out for high-level insights. Build custom reports and dashboards with a few clicks. Schedule automatic report delivery to stakeholders. Showcase your HR excellence through data!

Mobile Capabilities Beyond Boundaries

No longer be chained to your desk! Jira Service Management mobile apps let you resolve employee requests instantly from anywhere. Employees can submit cases, track status, and search for knowledge on the go too! With your office in your pocket, you have no mobility limitations!

Document Vault Built to Last

Tired of scattered documents buried in inboxes and network folders? Jira Service Management constructs an unbreakable document vault! Store contracts, offer letters, NDAs, policies, and more with total security. Smart reminders ensure no renewals are missed. Categorize documents easily with custom metadata. Find any document in seconds with a search. Maintain detailed audit trails effortlessly. Your documents are finally organized, safe, and accessible!

Seamless Directory Integration 

Keeping your company directory integrated with HR systems can devour your days! With Jira Service Management, it syncs seamlessly out of the box. As employees come and go, the directory stays perfectly up-to-date with all the right contact information!

The Time is Now

Are you ready to transform your HR capabilities and delight your employees? The future is bright for HR teams who leverage the power of Jira Service Management.

Just imagine - employees accessing portals 24/7 to get what they need instantly. Complex workflows are orchestrated flawlessly behind the scenes. An ever-expanding knowledge base with answers at their fingertips. Company assets are expertly managed with full visibility from request to retrieval. And insights through analytics that prove HR’s immense value.

With Jira Service Management, you can make this HR future real. Pain points that used to weigh you down are alleviated. Manual processes are modernized and automated. Employees feel empowered by self-service and fast resolution. 

You get back time for high-level strategic initiatives that attract, develop, and retain top talent. Everything becomes more streamlined, transparent, and faster. HR operates at peak performance.

Don't wait the time is now to unlock your HR potential. Contact us to schedule a personalized demo and begin your journey. We will demonstrate how Jira Service Management can meet the specific needs of your team. Together, we can create a solution that will propel your workflows and enhance the employee experience into the future.

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