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Guide to Atlassian Managed ServicesCompanies that outsource all or part of the management of their Atlassian tools to a managed services provider (MSP) stand to benefit both from a strategic and an operational viewpoint. Strategic benefits are longer term and have to do with building a strong tooling foundation that will serve your company today, as well as in the future. There’s definitely a component here of getting your tools running in a way that is aligned with your business goals down the road. Operational benefits are more tactical and help with day-to-day needs around the Atlassian tools.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the strategic benefits of working with an Atlassian MSP:


Strategic Planning

An Atlassian MSP can work with a company to understand where it is headed, and then make sure the tools are set up to support them as they work toward their goals. They can address big-picture things like the organization's overall approach to ITSM, breaking down silos, and translating project management goals into Jira. 


Experience and Expertise

An Atlassian MSP can leverage their years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the tools, and exposure to other companies to advise on best practices and identify potential pitfalls, steer a company toward the best course of action for their situation, and help them avoid time-consuming, costly missteps.


The Ability to Leverage a Team

By partnering with an Atlassian MSP, even small and mid-sized companies can get access to specialized expertise in areas like ITSM, DevOps, Scaled Agile—and whatever support is needed—without the expense or hassle of having to hire these experts in-house.


Relationship with Atlassian and Marketplace Partners

Atlassian MSPs, like Isos Technology, know when issues are going to require input from the Atlassian team. They also can quickly and easily work with the right Atlassian team members to resolve those issues efficiently. Furthermore, MSPs have strong relationships with key marketplace vendors, which are helpful when a company is looking to optimize and extend the functionality of its Atlassian tools with apps. 


Security, Risk Management, and Compliance

An Atlassian MSP can ensure the Atlassian stack is optimized for infrastructure stability and security from external attacks. If a system vulnerability is identified, they will likely see it across many clients and can quickly and efficiently close the gap or apply the patch.


Establishing Tool Governance

An Atlassian MSP can help an organization identify the tools, applications, processes, and practices that will best serve its overarching, long-term strategic goals and develop a roadmap and change management plan for implementing them so that all teams are working in a consistent manner.

Interested in learning more about Isos Technology's Atlassian Managed Services? Get in touch with us today!

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