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It's no secret that 2020 was filled with a fair amount of uncertainty, tumult, and sadness due to a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and political divisiveness. Some might even substitute those adjectives in the first sentence of this blog with "hellacious," "apocalyptic," and "ghastly." Truly, that would not be overdramatic. It's safe to say that we all collectively hope a year like 2020 never darkens our doorsteps again.

However—while 2020 presented its share of roadblocks and challenges—we still feel very fortunate here at Isos for a few reasons. For starters, we're still in business. We truly don't take that lightly in these uncertain times to which we've all (regrettably) become accustomed. Also, we thank our lucky stars that our entire team pivoted extremely quickly amidst the chaos of the early days of COVID-19. In fact, we all buckled in for the wild ride and quickly adapted to a remote work model. Was it always easy? No. Did we miss our office and our co-workers? That would be a big, emphatic, "Yes." But we hunkered down, baked some banana bread, put on pants with elastic waistbands, and got to work. Who knew that a global pandemic would propel all of us to work harder than we ever have in our whole lives?

Well, as it turns out, that hard work has paid off in spades. Our company has doubled in size, and we've experienced more successes in the past year than ever before in the almost 16 years we've been in business. Furthermore, on Wednesday, April 28th, Atlassian announced that Isos Technology was named their Partner of the Year 2020: ITSM. This means that Atlassian thinks we did an exceptional job of serving our current Jira Service Management customers, developing new business, and excelling as thought leaders in the ITSM space.

What's even more amazing and exciting is that Atlassian has 150,000 customers in over 190 countries and a vast network of international partners. To be recognized as the sole recipient of the ITSM award—and one of 16 recipients honored as Partner of the Year during Atlassian Team '21—is overwhelming (in a good way). 

So, what's next here at Isos Technology? Well, for starters, we're going to keep on keeping on. After we jump off our Zoom party, we're going to roll up our sleeves and get back to work. We will continue to perfect our solutions for all of our customers, and we pledge to offer you the best Atlassian services we can provide, whether it's a JSM implementation, a migration to Atlassian Cloud, training, managed services, or whatever customized solution you might need for your Atlassian tools. But for now, we're going to go pop the champagne. Cheers! 

IsosTech Atlassian Team 2021 Recap Webinar

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