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Untitled-221App migration is hands down one of the greatest drivers for complexity when moving from Server or Data Center to Atlassian Cloud. It is a critical step in the migration process and one that requires input and cooperation from stakeholders in any organization.

Organizations must audit their apps, consolidate them where possible, identify Cloud versions or alternatives, develop a migration strategy, and migrate the data associated with them, often manually.

There are a number of key decisions that will need to be made throughout the process to ensure a successful migration, meet the tactical daily needs of a diverse population of users, and serve as a strategic foundation on which an organization can build and grow.


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In our whitepaper, we’ll walk through the following decisions:

  1. Who should be involved in app migration discussions and planning?
  2. Is my organization able to consolidate apps? If so, where do I start? 
  3. Which apps are essential to migrate?
  4. Are there Cloud equivalents for critical apps? Are the features similar? 
  5. Can app data be migrated? If so, how much data should be migrated?
  6. Do Cloud apps meet my organization's security, compliance, and data residency requirements?
  7. Does Atlassian's vision for Cloud apps support my organization's long-term goals?

We'll also discuss other considerations, how Atlassian Cloud Apps differ from their Server and Data Center counterparts, and more!

Migrating to Cloud? 7 Key Decisions to Make about Apps

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