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Untitled-22465 Over nearly 100 years, the national pharmacy services company in this case study has grown to include four business lines, including one that supplies pharmacy customers with their inventory of medications. Regardless of what business line they support, the company’s more than 1,000 employees are united in their commitment to expert insights, unmatched service, lower costs, and improved outcomes.

The Problem

The company was using Jira Software to manage work related to supplying its pharmacy customers with medications, as well as to manage the company’s IT-related work. The company had a single Jira project to manage both of these types of work and other use cases, which meant there were many issue types and workflows. This not only made the solution cumbersome to work in, but also limited the ability to accurately report on work being done. The pharmacy services company needed to optimize its use of Jira to make it more efficient for various teams to work in, and to improve transparency from a business and operational perspective.

The Solution

Isos Technology first optimized the company's Jira Software instance by creating separate projects for distinct types of work, streamlining workflows, implementing automation, and setting up out-of-the-box reporting. Then Isos’ Atlassian experts worked with their team to gather insights into the types of requests and issues that were being submitted, both to the IT help desk and the pharmacy operations teams, before implementing a centralized JSM service portal where employees and customers could submit requests and issues.

The Results

The pharmacy services company now benefits from streamlined issue intake, optimized processes, increased efficiency, automation, and enhanced operational reporting.

This implementation included:

  • Optimized Jira instance
  • Streamlined issue intake
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced operational reporting
  • And more!

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