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merge-migrationMigrations alone are complex, but when they are combined with the merger of multiple instances, the complexity is even greater. Each instance is often tailored to meet the unique needs of the teams using it. The intricacies exist in developing and implementing overarching governance, as well as the technical challenges of reconciling these differences. Despite the incredible benefits that can be gained, it’s enough to cause even the most forward-thinking organizations to delay the transition. Still, with careful planning and the help of an experienced Atlassian partner, the process can be streamlined, the risk can be minimized, and your organization can begin reaping the benefits that come from holistic governance of Atlassian tools, and Cloud deployment. 

At Isos, we have written extensively about migrating to Atlassian Cloud, highlighting key considerations, advising on how to choose the right plan, exploring the true costs of migrating, providing a detailed process roadmap, explaining how to overcome both organizational and tactical obstacles to cloud migration, taking a deep dive into all things app-related, and what to consider in terms of the financial impact. While the vast majority of this content is applicable across the board, some aspects are unique to combined merge migrations and merit additional attention. 

This whitepaper intends to serve as a foundational guidebook for any organization planning to merge multiple instances of Atlassian tools (primarily Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence) and migrate them to the cloud.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Is a merge migration In Atlassian Cloud and why are they necessary?
  • Benefits of a merge migration 
  • Insights Into areas that will require special attention 
  • How an experienced Atlassian partner can support a successful merge migration
  • And more!

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