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It’s not exactly a football formation…but it’s still an ACE! 

It’s game on for in-person gatherings! On Wednesday, June 29th, Isos Technology will be hosting an in-person Atlassian Community Event (ACE) at our office in Tempe, Arizona. Our own Director of Agile Services, Tracy Walton, will be presenting: The Roadmap to Enterprise Business Agility, starting at 6:00pm MST.

This is an informal group that will meet, mingle, eat, and drink, while learning about the three core mechanisms that expand agility into self-reliance. Ask us about The Isosceles Agility Triangle and more! Headed toward the Phoenix area? RSVP here.

Join us to learn:

  • The Keys to Business Agility
  • The Isosceles Agility TriangleTM
  • The Technology Mechanism, The Practices Mechanism & The People Mechanism
  • Coaching: A Step Toward Self-Reliance
  • Popular Agile Tools Used with Jira 

Not in town until September? Catch the next Isos-hosted ACE on Wednesday, September 14th, same time, same place. We will be sharing a rundown of an incredible case study on Jira Align with our multi-billion dollar healthcare technology customer. After inheriting several lines of business, this company needed to get everyone working toward the same strategic goals, increase financial agility, and find an easier way to do roll-up reporting. Join us to learn how they did it. RSVP to the next ACE here.

No need for a tactics guide on this one…see you at Agile 2022

The Agile Alliance was formed in 2001, aiming to inform and inspire people and organizations as they explore, apply, and expand agile values, principles, and practices. That’s why Isos Technology will be in Nashville from July 18-22, 2022 for Agile 2022, hosted by the Agile Alliance. We are sponsoring the event, and our agile experts will be available to answer questions, chat, or just shake your hand! Request an appointment with Isos!

Be sure to visit the Agile Alliance website soon to check out our blog on shifting mindsets and driving outcomes. Also, recharge your electronic devices at one of our charging stations at the conference, powered by Isos Technology! 



Our Agile event matchup continues into the Fall 

August 22-25 - SAFe Summit: 

The SAFe Summit is a place for Agile at scale fanatics! This year, there will be tons of networking opportunities, real-world content, and engaging agile experts. 

As a new Bronze Transformation Partner in the Scaled Agile Partner Network, Isos Technology is excited to be at this late summer conference in Denver. Isos Technology takes pride in its Agile Service offerings, including agile transformations, maturity assessments, coaching, training and certification, and scaled agile software implementations. Request an appointment with Isos today.


September 15 - SB Virtual Agile Meetup:

The SB Meetup is a self-sustaining agile entity that provides people with inspiring new ideas about agile to apply to their daily work, while providing a fun environment for like-minded professionals. Our Director of Agile Services, Tracy Walton, will be presenting on blind spots that every agilist can recognize and use to be more influential, starting at 12pm PDT on September 15th. Join the virtual group here. 


Meet our Quarterback…and Director of Agile Services 

Tracy Walton is the Director of Agile Services at Isos Technology. She started her agile journey as a Product Manager looking for a more efficient way to manage her backlog and provide transparency to her team and colleagues. Tracy brings a unique blend of skills to the table; she has tool expertise, a passion for leading teams, and 10 years of hands-on experience in agile software development. She is an Atlassian Certified Professional: Agile for Jira and Jira Software Administrator and holds additional certifications as a Life Coach.  


Tracy Walton

Director of Agile Services | Isos Technology

619-892-9217 | My Calendar | isostech.com


BGC - Roadmap to Enterprise Business Agility WP

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