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Untitled-1927Atlassian’s many robust tools provide countless solutions: Planning, tracking, supporting, collaborating, coding, and securing. How are you supposed to know if your organization is utilizing its tools to the fullest? Well, that’s exactly why we keep hearing the phrase, “We don't know what we don't know,” during conversations with prospects and clients. As a user of Atlassian’s tools, it’s hard to know about all the ways the products can solve your problems. With constant updates and acquisitions from Atlassian, there will always be something new to learn. Accepting that your knowledge of Atlassian is ever-growing is the first step in maximizing the value of your Atlassian investment.

Even if you're an Atlassian aficionado, it can be hard to conjure up all the potential solutions for a situation without a team of seasoned experts. Combining the brainpower of the Isos Technology team, we can think through all the creative solutions to help you get the most out of your Atlassian investment

Here are some examples of ways Isos has helped clients realize what Atlassian’s impressive product lineup could do for their organization:

CBS Marketing Group’s more than 150 team members had been using a proprietary, .NET-based system. Over time, workgroups with different areas of focus had developed different processes and methodologies and modified it to meet their specific needs. Isos helped CBS implement the  Atlassian tools, resulting in a new, easy-to-use project management system, designed to streamline the promotional spot production process.


Weld North Education had two teams that used Jira and Confluence Cloud for shared projects. Having to switch back and forth between instances confused both the teams, but Isos Technology was able to help this client merge their two Atlassian Cloud instances and facilitate a more effortless flow for their engineering teams.


A Seattle-based organization works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to deliver patient engagement solutions. The company uses its proprietary, state-of-the-art technology to support the relationship between healthcare companies and patients, and came to Isos Technology looking for a solution to streamline tracking of - and visibility into - information related to internal and external technology requests. Isos helped the organization implement Jira Service Management (JSM) and they now experience 80% fewer internal requests coming in through email, chat, etc.


A global consumer healthcare company developed an innovative software application to help consumers track medication doses. The Isos Technology team worked closely with the company’s IT staff to create a new way to automate the entire development, quality assurance, release management, and change control process required to meet FDA compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (requirements regarding the regulation of electronic records and e-signatures) and the CFR Part 800 series (requirements for medical devices).


Accepting that your organization could use some help in getting the most out of their Atlassian investment is the next step in maximizing the ROI on your Atlassian tools.

For strategic and tactical guidance, customized training, or Agile process expertise, you can turn with confidence to the Atlassian consultants at Isos Technology. We're passionate about solving real-world business problems using emergent technologies. Bring a trusted partner along on your team’s journey to maximize its potential. Decades of experience and open communication—fostered in a trusting environment that encourages great ideas—accelerate your pace.

Your organization can gain faster, smoother operations and less disruption with help from our 30+ certified Atlassian consultants across the whole platform, just like the companies mentioned above. Their depth of knowledge means optimized configurations and faster times to problem resolution and project completion. When you need a roadmap, we’ll provide a real-world plan, having traversed the obstacles many times. And, you’ll get the most from the Atlassian team with our established Platinum Partner relationship and inside connections nurtured over 15 years of working together.

So it take it from us—it's okay if "You don't know what you don't know." The good news is that WE know and are happy to share our in-depth knowledge and years of experience navigating the complex Atlassian tools with you. Acting now by contacting your favorite Atlassian Solution Partner is the final step in maximizing the value of your Atlassian investment.implement-optimize-atlassian-tools-CS

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