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One of my favorite things about working at Isos Technology is our culture of sharing knowledge with our clients, both in-person and on our blog. On Isos Technology's blog, you'll find answers to questions about JQL filtering, auto scaling in AWS, work flow resolutions, searching for Jira issues within a date range and even using the Confluence rest API with Ansible. As useful as these posts can be, sometimes you need just a little bit more. This begs the question, "When do I turn to the Atlassian Community or the Isos blog for help, and when do I go the extra mile and hire an Atlassian consultant? 

Following are some common situations that you might need a consultant for - or you might not! 

Are you Considering a Migration to Atlassian Cloud from Server or Data Center? 

Answer: Definitely hire a consultant!

Migrations are incredibly complex and require some true assessment and evaluation to determine the best course of action for your team. If you check out our very own Nick Nader's recent blog post, he will walk you through the most important aspects of migrations and what you, as a company, should be considering. 

Does your Organization Need Atlassian Training? 

Answer: Dealer's choice!  

Atlassian has some incredible training ready for you and your team to digest at your convenience. Their individual courses are pre-recorded and can be started whenever the student wishes to begin training. Team trainings are taught by a Training Partner and are scheduled with a larger group.  Isos Technology is a Certified Training Partner and can teach the team classes. We also have our custom training courses as well! 


Are You Looking for Help with Agile Services?

Answer: Definitely hire a consultant

This journey is one that every company will be taking soon, if they're not already on it, and knowing where to start and what makes sense for your company can be tricky. Finding a good partner in this realm is KEY. You don't want to get so stuck in the "agile process" that you lose sight of what tools can help you accomplish that process. Likewise, you don't want to be exclusively focused on tools, thinking they will come with a process you can emulate and be successful. You need a little bit of both and a lot of determination. We can help you there


Do You Have General Questions about JQL, Reporting, or Similar Topics? 

Answer: Atlassian Community to the rescue! 

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we get hit up all the time from individuals who are looking to expand their knowledge of Atlassian tools, but who aren't necessarily able to front the price tag of a consultant. That is perfectly acceptable! Training can be helpful here, and so can the Atlassian Community. Not sure which topic you want? You can filter based on the most views, most likes, what's trending, etc. You can search tags, like JQL and automation, and come up with a great thread like this one, or learn more about how to report on linked issues here. There is so much to explore and learn in this area!

As always, Isos Technology should feel like your one-stop shop for all things Atlassian. You don't know the answer? Please call us! We are happy to point you in the right direction, based on your criteria. Reach out today! (smile) 

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