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Migration-Legacy-ITSM-to-JSM-WP-imageMany companies spend a significant portion of their IT budgets on ITSM tools that they don't fully utilize. If you're struggling with outdated ITSM tools like ServiceNow, which leave you feeling frustrated and unproductive, it might be time to switch to JSM for a more seamless and efficient ITSM experience. 

According to a recent Forrester report, “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Atlassian Jira Service Management,” organizations that switch to Jira Service Management (JSM) from legacy tools like ServiceNow saw a whopping 277% increase in ROI. 

That’s because JSM is a powerful IT service management tool that can benefit organizations of all sizes - from small and medium businesses to large enterprise organizations. It can significantly improve your IT processes and streamline your operations. Compared to ServiceNow, JSM is more cost-effective and user-friendly. With its new features, including Atlassian Intelligence (AI) support for change, request, incident, and asset management, ITSM has never been easier. JSM also enables developers and IT operations teams to collaborate on the same platform without context switching. If you want to enhance service management across your organization, it's time to move from ServiceNow to JSM.

Advantages of JSM vs. ServiceNow

DevOps and IT collaboration on a unified platform

According to the Forrester report, Jira Service Management can save IT operations teams 115 hours of work per month. With Jira Service Management's intuitive interface, teams can easily manage requests, incidents, problems, changes, and configurations without significant upfront development. By leveraging these capabilities, development and IT teams can work together more effectively, leading to better collaboration and improved outcomes.

Simplified interface

Jira Service Management provides a modern and user-friendly interface that differentiates it from ServiceNow. A recent Forrester report highlights its remarkable results, including improved end-user productivity savings of $408,000. JSM's success can be attributed to its intuitive interface, which saves employees five minutes per request filed. With faster ticket resolution, better request visibility, and self-service options, Jira Service Management empowers employees to focus on meaningful work, setting a new standard for streamlined and efficient service management.

Customizable workflows

Unlike ServiceNow, which can be slow and cumbersome to update, JSM makes it easy to make changes on the fly. This means you can adapt to new business needs and respond to changing circumstances in real time without any delays. With JSM, you can quickly implement and tweak workflows, resulting in faster resolution times, increased productivity, and better outcomes for your organization.


JSM is an affordable ITSM solution that can help your business save a significant amount of money compared to ServiceNow. According to the Forrester report, companies that transitioned to JSM experienced a 15% risk-adjusted total present value (PV) of $2.0 million over three years, mainly due to retiring redundant legacy service management solutions like ServiceNow. This included eliminating an annual licensing cost of $840,000, equivalent to around $100/month/agent, and $120,000 per year in labor and services costs for maintaining the previous solution. JSM offers flexible licensing options that make it easy to optimize your investment and provide tailored and efficient solutions without compromising on quality.

Faster time to value

In the g2 IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools Implementation Index, Jira Service Management takes only 1.57 months to go live, while ServiceNow takes an average of 5.19 months. Jira also outperforms other ITSM tools, with an average implementation time of 3.19 months and an implementation score of 83%. In comparison, ServiceNow has a lower implementation score of 72%. Jira Service Management's overall score of 8.34 is higher than ServiceNow's score of 7.23, highlighting JSM’s ease of implementation and adoption. 

Why Isos Technology?

If you're considering switching from ServiceNow to JSM, Isos Technology can offer guidance and support throughout the transition process. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and four-time winner of Partner of the Year: ITSM, we have helped numerous organizations, including Lufthansa Technik, CBS, and Jostens, implement JSM successfully. We understand that migrating from ServiceNow to JSM can be complex and time-consuming, but our ITIL-certified experts can make the process much smoother for you. Click here to check out a real-life success story on how we helped the #1 job site worldwide switch from ServiceNow to JSM.

Assess your current ITSM Maturity

Before starting your ITSM transformation journey, assessing your ITSM maturity level is essential. For a limited time, take our ITSM Maturity Assessment and receive a complimentary 1-hour ITSM Maturity Workshop with our ITSM experts (limited availability). The assessment will give you valuable insight into the current state of your ITSM practices. Based on the assessment results, our ITIL-certified experts can help you identify the next steps to transform your ITSM experience.

Upgrading to a better ITSM solution doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. With JSM, you can enjoy an innovative and faster ITSM experience with the least disruption to your business. Contact us today and let us help you switch to Jira Service Management.

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