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Weld North Education initially had two distinct engineering teams working independently in separate Jira and Confluence Cloud instances. However, due to a restructuring of engineering resources, they developed a shared set of projects in which staff from both teams needed to work. The need for a single, overarching Jira Software and Confluence instance soon became apparent: with shared projects in both instances, engineers had to log in and out of multiple systems to get their work done which led to confusion and delays.

Project Snapshot

Weld North Education’s IT procurement team identified Isos Technology as their partner of choice to merge their two Atlassian instances into one. The project included:

  • A restructuring of engineering teams required the merging of two separate instances of Atlassian Cloud.
  • An extremely tight timeline—detailed planning, good communication, rapid responses, and in-depth UAT were critical to success.
  • One new, merged instance streamlined processes and increased efficiencies—no more logging in and out of multiple systems.
  • New planned PIs, with better insight into work-in-progress, and more easily pulled detailed reports.
  • Benefits from economies of scale with a single instance, fewer user seats, and a tighter handle on apps.
  • A governance committee formed to support the merge that continues to oversee how the tool is used and scaled.

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The Results

The project was successfully completed on time, with a minimum of issues. Grant McAllister, Project Manager, Business Transformation Team at Weld North Education explains: “The number of issues our help desk responded to post-migration was significantly lower than with other software migrations and merges—within two or three days, every issue was completely resolved.” Other results include:

  • Streamlined processes 
  • Increased Efficiency 
  • Enhanced Governance 
  • Economies of Scale
  • And more! 

Download our quick-read case study below to learn more!

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