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More organizations are migrating their software solutions to the cloud, and Atlassian customers are no exception.
Atlassian recognizes that the future of work is in the cloud, and that’s where the company is focusing the vast majority of its R&D efforts. Atlassian Cloud offers a number of key benefits, including:
  • Increased productivity: By migrating to Cloud, organizations no longer have to manage and upgrade software—they can focus on innovation. Processes are streamlined, visibility and collaboration increase, there is less friction, and automation minimizes manual labor.
  • Enterprise-level security: Atlassian Cloud offers built-in security, privacy, compliance, and reliability, and organizations that migrate to it benefit from real-time security updates.
  • Reduced costs: Atlassian customers that migrate to Cloud stand to realize cost reductions in Atlassian and third-party app licensing fees, hardware and hardware maintenance fees, and labor associated with Atlassian administrators.
  • Streamlined scalability: Whether growth is organic or through mergers and acquisitions, Atlassian Cloud makes it easy to spin up new instances, and add new teams and users without the headache of adding new servers.
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In addition, organizations on Server should prioritize making a move, as Atlassian has announced that support for Server will end on February 15, 2024.

In this whitepaper, we will explore the primary migration options—Cloud vs. Data Center—and what to consider when making a choice. Then we will take a high-level look at the three top concerns that our clients have shared with us about migrating to Atlassian Cloud, as well as ways to overcome them. Lastly, we will explore what to expect during the migration process.


What You'll Learn 

  • Why Migrate to Atlassian Cloud?
  • Understanding Your Options: Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center
  • Overcoming Key Barriers to Cloud Migration
  • What to Expect from a Migration Partner
  • And much more!
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