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Untitled3For organizations that rely on Atlassian, the tools are mission critical. Yet, most companies can use additional help, both on the strategic and operational fronts, to optimize their Atlassian ecosystem. Whether you need support developing a strong technology platform to support agile transformation, addressing a backlog of Atlassian-related projects, or handling day-to-day administrative tasks, an Atlassian Solution Partner like Isos Technology can help!

We’ll tackle projects that your internal team doesn’t have the time or expertise to handle, and as a result, you’ll get the most out of your Atlassian investment.


How an Atlassian Solution Partner Can Help: Key Services

Every organization is different, so what you’re looking for in a partner vs. another organization may be quite different. A good way to get started is by looking at your in-house team’s strengths, determining where they can add the most value, then working with a solution partner to fill in the gaps.

Following are some key ways an Atlassian Solution Partner may be able to help your organization:


1. Managed Services

One way organizations can minimize the burden on their busy IT team is by partnering with an Atlassian managed services provider like Isos Technology. Managed services providers can take on both strategic and operational work—whatever best serves the company—but the engagements, which are ongoing, are often centered around tool optimization, automation, and administration.

By partnering with an Atlassian managed services provider, you can get more out of your investment in Atlassian tools: the tools work better so your team can work more efficiently, you can access specialized expertise that you may not have in-house, and you can scale quickly without adding full-time employees, among many other benefits.

Interested in learning more about managed services? Read our whitepaper: The Complete Guide to Atlassian Managed Services.


2. Professional Services

If you’re looking to maximize your investment in Atlassian, then professional services are a great place to start. Professional services are structured around a single project or set of projects with clearly defined goals and objectives. Maybe you’re looking to implement Atlassian tools for the first time, optimize the ones you already have, combine instances due to mergers, or migrate to the cloud.

At Isos Technology, our core professional service offerings include:

  •  Atlassian migrations: Whether you’re merging instances or migrating to Cloud, migration services will streamline the transition and minimize risk.
  • Atlassian training: With training services, new users can get up to speed, and existing teams can improve their skills so everyone can work efficiently and effectively.
  • Agile services: Wherever you are on your Agile journey, Isos’ agile services and proprietary framework can help you navigate this complex organizational change.
  •  ITSM services: We can help you optimize your service management processes for both IT and business teams through our ITSM services.
  • DevOps services: If you’re looking to supercharge your site reliability engineering practices, DevOps services and SLO bootcamps can help.


3. Enterprise Services

As your organization scales, you’ll need to scale your tools as well to meet the growing needs of your business. Growth brings complexity, and it can be difficult to keep up without expert experience and support. Isos Technology’s Atlassian Enterprise Services are designed to meet those needs. We provide customized support for clients to help them solve challenges, achieve strategic goals, and succeed now and in the future. As your partner, we tailor our solutions and resources to fit your needs, and we offer premium enterprise SLAs to ensure we're delivering tangible results.


Key Benefits of Working with an Atlassian Solution Partner

When you hire an Atlassian Solution Partner for managed, professional, or enterprise services, you stand to benefit in a number of ways. We’ve rounded up a few of the top advantages below.

  • Maximize your ROI: You’ve invested in Atlassian tools because they're critical to your business, so it makes sense to maximize that investment. When the tools are properly configured to support your people and practices, more people will adopt them faster, less work will take place outside the system, and you’ll realize a better return on your investment.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity: The more fully implemented the tools are, the greater the potential for operational efficiencies. Automation speeds processes and eliminates time-consuming, rote tasks. Visibility into work increases, people are better informed, silos break down, collaboration increases, and productivity rises. More people can get more work done faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Gain specialized expertise: By outsourcing certain aspects of Atlassian tool management, your internal teams can focus on their core competencies or work on other business-critical issues. In exchange, you’ll gain Atlassian bench strength that is, in most cases, far more broad, deep, and highly specialized than you would be able to hire internally.
  • Minimize rework and rebuilds: Atlassian tools have a learning curve—there can be many ways to configure them or solve problems. Because in-house teams are focused on many things, they often learn on the fly and solve problems through trial and error. The solutions may work in the short-term, but over time, they may be inefficient or difficult to scale. By working with an Atlassian Solution Partner, you can be sure things are built effectively the first time.
  • Scale rapidly: By working with an Atlassian Solution Partner, you can scale your workforce to match your workload, and level up or level down the engagement as needed. You can easily add expertise and hours as business or special projects demand, without the effort and expense of hiring full-time employees.


Why Choose Isos Technology? 

As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations get the most value out of their technology investment. We make your Atlassian tools work more efficiently and effectively, with the least amount of disruption, so you can focus on other business priorities. As experts in software development, business processes, and change management, Isos Technology helps organizations tackle tough problems across ITSM, Agile, DevOps, and Cloud.

Cloud Is Now! Isos Technology whitepaper

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