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DSC09867After coming from a background in corporate IT, working at Isos is a welcome breath of fresh air. I was fortunate enough to be hired by Isos a little under a year ago, and although I haven’t been here that long, I can already tell that this is the place I belong. My stellar coworkers, the problem solving aspects of the job, and the fact that the Isos vision truly resonates with me, means that I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this organization. I’ve finally found a place that values my education, experience, collaborative spirit, and time. I have over 11 years of experience working with Atlassian tools in the IT sector, which is where I first began to appreciate how incredibly adaptable the tools are. After that I came home, which is to say I joined the Isos team, and was immersed in the technology that I had grown to love.
In the first few months I was encouraged to further my formal training, and was supported by my leaders every step of the way. Any questions I had were answered with patience and care. I have since gone on to obtain two formal certifications, with two more coming in the future. I absolutely love that Isos has fostered increased education, while still valuing what my experience brings to the table.
When it comes to managing environments, I’ve come to find that there is no “One-size fits all,” instance. Everyone is different, and just like we are all unique individuals, each business and their processes are all different. This leads to a menagerie of custom solutions to particular productivity needs and because of these distinctive situations, requests and scenarios arise that require collaborative efforts to resolve. I am always eager to share my vantage point and background to solve problems, and I love how easy it is to hop on a call with teammates, or join the weekly working session and access the perspective and experience needed to solve any conundrum that may arise.
It is so refreshing to know that even when working remotely, I am never truly alone to solve these issues in a vacuum, and when our clients engage one of us, they are really getting the support of the whole Isos family. Since the pandemic began in 2020, remote work has become the norm. The work-life balance has shifted and people everywhere have regained precious hours of their lives previously spent commuting to an office where their only means of productivity was housed.
Isos has taken that a bit further, with the understanding that we are a collection of individuals striving to enjoy the best that work and life have to offer. I know that the time that I devote to working is productive and efficient in my endeavors, and being valued for the time I spend working, while being free to handle the tasks that being a real person comes with, allows me to bring my whole self to Isos, and actively engage in the tasks and collaborations that drive productivity for our customers.
I am so thankful for this opportunity to share just some of the reasons why I love working at Isos. Knowing that I get to come to work, and spend my time helping companies build better processes, unravel complications and track down bugs with the lovely people of Isos, the support that working with like-minded individuals, and not to mention the incredible employee benefits make me feel incredibly lucky to be on this journey. I am genuinely excited to see what we can do in the future.
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