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WFHSwitching to remote work has not been easy for everyone. Some people miss the in-person interactions they had in an office environment. In an office, employees might have found it easier to engage and interact with their colleagues, and managers might have preferred the immediate access to their direct reports. The proximity of people who work together in an office environment makes it arguably easier to have spontaneous gatherings and conversations, and remote work requires more intentionality. So how do we manage it here at Isos?

Isos Technology is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, and yet only about one-third of Isos peeps (employees) are located in Arizona, and all but a few of them work remotely almost exclusively. Other Isos Peeps are located around the United States, from coast to coast and from north to south, they work remotely and have successfully been doing so since the inception of the company.

There are several tools and strategies we use at Isos Technology to help peeps stay connected to the company, to each other, and ultimately succeed at working remotely.



Clockwise is a software solution that can help you manage your calendar and your time. If you often need to have extended focus time, Clockwise will automatically block your calendar during the times of day you specify. It also lets you enter your preferences for focus times, meeting times, break times, and uses those preferences to optimize your workdays.



Confetti is a service that creates and leads virtual team-building experiences. We have worked with Confetti for the last two years to host events that include virtual escape rooms, theme-based trivia sessions, and other activities that help our peeps stay connected. It's nice to connect with your peers about something aside from work, especially in a remote-first environment, where that can be rare.



LiquidSpace is a marketplace for on-demand workspaces. Sometimes Isos Peeps need an office environment for meetings, calls, or just a change of pace, and anyone at Isos can book a desk or an office for hours, days, or longer through a branded platform provided and operated by LiquidSpace.



With people getting together in person more frequently, we have also resumed in-person gatherings at our company office in Tempe and in locations across the country close to where several peeps might be clustered. The frequencies and locations of these meetups often depend on the needs and schedules of the people involved, and for us, it is helpful to include every attendee in the planning of a meetup.

Interested in joining the team? Check out our current career opportunities here.

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