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questions-1Whether you are an existing Atlassian customer or new to the Atlassian ecosystem, figuring out what licenses are right for your team and managing them can be an administrative headache that takes you away from more valuable work. And if you don’t keep an eye on things, it can end up costing you more than it should to keep using your mission-critical tools. But don't worry, we're here to help! In the following FAQ, we answer some of your most common—and uncommon—questions about Atlassian licensing. We also shed light on how working with an Atlassian partner to purchase and manage your licenses might be a great solution for you.


1. Can you help me figure out what types of licenses are right for my company?

We get it—there are a lot of options! As Atlassian experts, we can help you sort through everything and figure out what’s best for you in terms of products, deployment methods, licensing tiers, and even Marketplace apps. We can also point you in the direction of some great resources, both on Atlassian’s website and here on Isos Technology’s site, including these:


2. What are the benefits of using Isos Technology’s Atlassian Licensing Services?

Great question! There are multiple reasons to work with a Platinum Solution Partner like Isos Technology to license Atlassian tools. We provide expert guidance around which tools and apps you need to achieve your business objectives, which deployment methods are best for your organization, and how many licenses to buy.

We can also help you avoid the administrative and purchasing headaches that come from going it alone by:

  • Offering net 30 terms on invoicing
  • Providing 90-, 60-, and 30-day license renewal reminders
  • Making sure the licenses for all your different tools renew at the same time (a process called co-terming)
  • Notifying you of pricing changes (which we get made aware of first as a solution partner)
  • Offering a license portal for you to easily request quotes

And because our main goal with clients is partnership, we provide all of these services at no extra charge.

There are some organizations that may be well-served by purchasing Atlassian licenses directly from the company—especially for smaller organizations looking to purchase Free or Standard plans and/or trial the software (although we’re happy to help there, too.) The biggest difference is that your organization will get a higher value of services when purchasing through a Platinum Solution Partner like us.


3. Atlassian’s website requires me to provide a credit card number to purchase their tools, but my procurement department requires a Purchase Order. Can you help?

Compliance with your procurement department’s processes is important. Not every company is set up to use a credit card, especially for a big-ticket purchase. To be clear, you can purchase Atlassian tools directly from the company using a Purchase Order and pay by bank transfer or check, but it takes a bit of legwork to figure out, and it might not be the best use of your time. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Isos Technology is set up to handle purchasing and payment in a more business-friendly format—it’s something we do all the time. We can work with your company's Purchase Order (PO) process to make sure procuring licenses isn't a hurdle for you. 


4. Help! All my Atlassian licenses renew at different times. Is there anything you can do?

You bet! This is a really common problem—when companies purchase Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps at different times, the licenses for them all renew at different times. The process of synchronizing these so that they all renew at the same time is called co-terming, and we can definitely help. Co-terming is one of the key benefits of working with a Solution Partner, so you don't have to keep track of different renewal dates and payment schedules. It’s well worth it to save yourself the time and hassle.


5. I’ve lost track of all my company’s licenses—I don’t know who is managing what!

No worries—we see this a lot! Because Atlassian tools are often adopted organically by different departments at different times, multiple people can manage licenses. Sometimes those people change roles or even leave the company. It’s easy to lose track! In addition to co-terming your licenses, Isos Technology can help with the asset management part of things, too. We’ll keep track of all your licenses, make sure they get properly renewed, help you evaluate whether you need to make changes, and even provide reporting on them as needed.


6. I’m interested in getting a quote on Atlassian Cloud tools. Do I have to set up a trial?

This is a common point of confusion. Yes, you will need to create a domain and set up a product trial license to get a quote. It’s not actually something we can do for you—you usually need to do this on your end—but we can certainly walk you through the process! The advantage to setting up the trial, though, is that you get the opportunity to explore the products and gain an understanding of just how much of an impact they’ll have on the way your teams work before investing in them.


7.  I’m watching my budget closely, and I don’t want any more seats than I absolutely need. Can I buy a specific number of licenses, or do I have to buy a tier level?

This is such a great question! If you pay for your licenses monthly, you can buy a precise number of user seats and level up or down each month. If you pay for your licenses annually, you will need to purchase a license tier. That said, it is generally more advantageous to purchase a tier as the cost per user is less, it gives you more flexibility, and it requires less effort to manage. Isos Technology can help you figure out what scenario is best for your situation—just ask us for a quote!


8. Speaking of budget, what can you offer in the way of discounts?

Atlassian offers free plans for small numbers of users, as well as financial incentives for larger organizations that invest in a tier of licenses. In addition, Atlassian offers special pricing to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner that regularly negotiates contracts on behalf of our clients, Isos Technology is often in a position to help you get good financial terms. And while of course that’s important, our focus is on being the best overall Solution Partner we can be and helping you achieve your short-term and long-term goals—which is the real value of our offering.

Read more about Isos Technology’s Atlassian License Management Services or contact us to discuss your specific license management needs. 

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