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This is a guest post from Martin Seibert at Seibert Media.
Atlassian has released version 6.8 of Confluence Server which includes a free mobile app. As a Linchpin Partner we also offer the more tried-and-tested mobile solution with additional useful features - Linchpin Mobile. Time to see why your employees need mobile access!

1. Knowledge base: I need this information now!

Managers often find it hard to accept that they can’t force users to actively use the software in an organization. You need to encourage adoption by making it truly useful, and easy to access and use. One of the best ways to ensure your Confluence intranet is used actively, is valuable content. Your teams will find themselves referring to this useful content often.
Whenever your employees are away from their workstation, a mobile app provides a handy and quick access point to your intranet: in meetings, while walking through the office, while out to lunch, on the commute to work and back, on the train or plane, while on a business trip, while inspecting or repairing equipment, … you get the point. Access your knowledge base and all the information you need, at any time and from anywhere with the mobile app.

2. Approval, denial and discussions: I need permission to proceed, quickly

It’s not just the general pace of life, but projects and collaboration activities are moving faster. This means work-related decisions need to be discussed, made and communicated immediately. Whether you have distributed teams, or team members who regularly travel, perhaps even consult with clients or suppliers, you need to be able to discuss your next steps and make quick decisions, in real time.
A mobile app with notifications and discussion features keeps everyone in the loop, no matter where they are, at all times.

3. Sharing: Here’s an update from the project team

You’ve written an important project update, and you need to let your team know. But some team members are out of the office today, some are at lunch, and some are arriving late thanks to your organization’s flex time. When you share your update, your team members get notified via their mobile app. The oft-heard “But I didn’t hear about that!” will be a thing of the past, and collaboration will be smoother and faster.

4. Announcements: Everyone needs to know this!

There are many types of organizations that have intranets, and not every employee has their own workstation. How do you send important announcements to all staff, including those on the factory floor or in retail spaces - those who don’t have their own computer? It’s easy when your intranet goes mobile! Share restructure announcements, legal notices, training course dates or other events, and reach everyone in your organization via their mobile app.

5. Staff directory: I have a problem, who should I call?

Are you a larger company? Perhaps with offices in multiple locations? It’s impossible for an employee to know who would be best to contact in every situation. Unless you have that information in your intranet with detailed user profiles. Being able to find an appropriate expert when you have a problem, or even simply call your team members when you are away from your workstation saves a lot of time and frustration.
The Linchpin Mobile app gives you access to your Confluence user directory, and lets you directly contact someone from their profile.

Improve productivity and collaboration today

Let everyone in your company access the wealth of information you have in your intranet, from anywhere, any time. Help your employees work together more efficiently and effectively - take your Confluence intranet mobile today.
Contact us for more information about using mobile devices with your Confluence intranet - we’d love to help you take your intranet to the next level!

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