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In the information age, if you acquire information faster than your competition, chances are you will be more successful. Ask your financial advisor or the coach of your favorite sports team. And the same rule applies internally within an organization. How communication flows through your organization can either hinder or improve innovation and productivity. So, this begs the question: how do we improve communication across our organization? In my field, it's all about seamless integrations of your teams' toolsets. And in my experience, if you have Slack and Jira but have not integrated the two, then you are not efficiently communicating across your organization.

Slack is an instant messaging tool where communication takes place in channels, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for you. And Jira is a task tracking/project management tool built by Atlassian that can support and scale with any team within your organization, be it Operations, Product Development, Finance, even Human Resources.

These two powerhouse tools have made team collaboration and project management across all industries simpler. So why not take it one step further by having them talk to each other? With Atlassian Marketplace apps like Stratejos, Slack Connector for Jira, and even Automation for Jira, you will be able to take your teams' collaboration to the next level.

Fun fact - this happy couple won't be going away any time soon either; both are at the top of their respective games and, last year, Atlassian announced that they have partnered with Slack through an equity investment as well as allowing Slack to acquire the IPs for Stride and HipChat Cloud, both of which will be discontinued. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

So what's Slackin' with Jira look like? Imagine, your Operations team finds a bug in your software. They create a bug ticket in Jira. Immediately, your team's dedicated Slack channel receives a slack message stating that a bug has been created, a brief description of the bug, who submitted and a link to the bug. Within Slack, a member of your team assigns the ticket to themselves and changes the status to 'In Progress'. This individual is a rockstar and a team-agreed overachiever, so they even comment on the ticket within Slack, letting the Reporter in Ops know that the ticket is being worked on. Once the bug is fixed, another notification goes out to Slack advising the team of the resolution.

Of course, Jira offers email notification capabilities that will send emails for ticket creation, editing, and resolution. But it doesn't have the ability to allow users to manage the respective tickets from their inboxes. Also, it's email... no one likes emails.

Creating this integration not only keeps your team in-the-know, it also minimizes time spent moving back and forth between tools. This can add up to a sizable chunk of time throughout the course of a week.

So, what are you waiting for? Start Slackin' with Jira and improve the way your teams are communicating.

Managing JIRA at Scale White Paper

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