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Many times a person or a team will request something that works just for them. It’s a process, a field, or a status that’s specific to their team’s workflow. In these cases it’s important to get more information about what their goals are. Often, there’s a question about how they’re currently working and what data they’re trying to gather. The initial request of a new *insert Jira building block here* is typically muddy. Even when the stakeholders are clear about what they want, they’re not always sure how to achieve their goals.

When it comes to new projects, fields, statues, etc., it’s best to determine what is really needed. Here’s how to get down to the nitty gritty.

  1. What data are you trying to capture?
  2. What is your current process?
    1. From intake, walk me through how the work is processed.
    2. Who submits the original work request?
    3. How is the original request submitted?
    4. Are there multiple teams that work on the request?
    5. What is considered done?
  3. Who is doing the work and who should have access to the work?

Each of these questions will provide a level of depth to the customer’s ask and hopefully be able to provide you with more insight on what to build for them. Many times a customer will be set on their specific requirements, but once they provide more details on the functionality they need and the data they’re hoping to acquire, it’ll be clearer on what the best course of action will be for building their request. It will be a lot easier to advise the customer on what works best for their situation with these questions answered.

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