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Hello World Wide Web!

It’s your favorite but sporadic blogger, here again with some tips and tricks for having the best experience with yours truly and the Atlassian products!

As someone who eats, sleeps and breathes Atlassian, I get asked all kinds questions. Some of them are easy to answer, some are challenging... and others seem basic on the surface, but need someone who is intimate with the application to explain further.

The most asked question as of late has been about Jira Service Desk (JSD) Agents. Atlassian documentation has Jira Service Desk Agents classified as “ … users that work on customer requests and communicate with customers.” JSD Agents can do the following:

  • Access both the Customer Portal and the service desk interface in Jira
  • View the Customer Portal, queues, reports and SLA metrics for the service desks they have access to
  • Access and edit issues in the service desks they are assigned to
  • Add, edit and delete customer-facing and private comments to issues
  • Manage content in the knowledge base

Lately organizations have been asking if we can have the Customers edit their own issues. They want to give them the autonomy to manage their issues as they see fit. And this is typically the time in the conversation where I say STOP... in the name of love... before you break my fragile JSD heart.

The purpose of using an application like JSD is to have a central place for all your Customers to go when in need of service and communication. Just like any business out there, you have a process you follow for certain business situations. Allowing Customers the ability manage YOUR process gives them a little too much power and autonomy. Your Agents are there to help communicate any updates to the customers as they come in and answer their questions.

Think I’m crazy? Or I just don’t understand your particular process? Let’s have a chat! I’d love to show you my JSD ways and how Isos Technology can help!

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