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With a new office comes customizations of every kind to make employees comfortable and exited to come to work, as well as hosting clients and other people who might come to visit us. The past two offices we've been through, I've been charged with creating some wall art that kind of defines where we're at. It's a VERY interesting experience because the finished product needs to live with us... at least until we outgrow the space.

It's also working with digital art at a very large scale. So there are several factors that I needed to take into account before the final piece could be printed and installed. I spent several days at the new office before we opened it up taking measurements and envisioning its place with what the interior designer was doing with everything else. I won't get into the details, but the result is a piece that everyone can sit around, becoming a part of our everyday lives.

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At the top there are hidden LED lights to help illuminate the area. We just haven't been able to work them yet as there are a few things that we're still finishing up with the new office. I'll try to update this post once they're installed.

I think the only thing I would probably have changed is to go with more of a matte print rather than the vinyl (because of the glare), but the important part is that everyone seems to love it. So I'd say, "mission accomplished."

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