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I caught a blurb on the news the other day about the ongoing debate over the appropriate usage of exclamation points. Supposedly we are using way too many... not only at the end of sentences, but also within the entire message. It was the third headline that was discussed that day; therefore, it must be important. Apparently, this is something that is causing deep debates. I suppose since we all mostly communicate via text, tweets or posts on Facebook, the so-called experts want to make sure we are getting our point across correctly. I think they gave up over fighting over the emoticons and picked an easier victim.

Who knew that is unacceptable to use too many exclamation points in a row? Is someone keeping track of how many we put out into the world every day? What if I am really excited about what I am writing? Does only one really emit my level of happiness? How about if I am extremely thankful? Shouldn’t I be allowed to use at least two explanation points? What is the scale I am to go by? Is it posted somewhere? Are there different rules for communication among friends and family versus co-workers? Was there a vote on exclamation point usage on the ballot and I missed that question?

And then there is SHOUTING when typing. Personally, I rarely shout aloud or via text. Except at my husband or dog, but they live with me and don’t count. It just seems unnecessary to shout in a text. But I do feel if you have a good reason to do so, many exclamation points are pertinent to relaying the right level of passion in your message. You certainly cannot shout and end your tirade with a period. That’s like running full out for the whole race then walking across the finish line.

I realize I have given you a lot to ponder. Surely you will think twice before using exclamation points in the future. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

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