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The Gaming of the Blogs - Part III - A Look Back


Hey, where are the new blog entries?!

“It’s already January 8th and I haven’t seen any new entries this year. Did I miss something somewhere? Did you make a resolution to publish fewer nuggets of verbal gold? C’mon man, I need my Isos blogging awesomeness fix! MOAR BLOGS NOW!!!”
Don’t worry, exciting new blogs are on the way. With the holidays we like to give everyone a chance to recharge their creative batteries before plunging into the new year. Over the next couple of weeks we will be publishing the entries from Justin Freeman and Adam Martin, bringing you the sixth installment in Joel Brinkman’s popular HipChat series, presenting another entry from guest blogger Mike Fanning and introducing our new guest blogger Ankur Saxena.

 2014 Gamification Retrospective

If you read my two previous entries [1] [2] on gamifying the Isos Technology blogs, you will have some good background on the experiment we ran last year on getting more internal participation in blogging. (And if you haven’t read those two previous entries, go ahead and do it now. I’ll wait.)
So how did everything turn out? We published 85 entries, with the holiday publishing schedule being lighter than the rest of the year. We got more people involved in using their social networks to share the bloggy goodness. And we were able to start bringing on guest bloggers who were excited about what they were seeing and wanted to become a part of it.
Adding some friendly competition was an overall success. That’s not to say there weren’t hiccups. As more point scoring mechanisms, such as points for social media posts, were incorporated, the scoring engine had to be tweaked. It doesn’t matter how many times you run simulations, the human factor will always add unexpected wrinkles into gaming.
Having quarterly rewards was a great way to spur on competition. This resulted in people writing more entries than they might normally have done as well as stepping out of their comfort zones and exploring new areas.
In a couple of weeks I will be putting out a post with the final results for the year after our annual awards ceremony. Be sure to check back for the results.

 What Lies Ahead

With the success of the 2014 blogging gamification, we will definitely continue with gamification in 2015… though in a different form. 2014 focused on individual blog competition. In 2015 we will be using a team focused approach, starting with a draft of bloggers. Expect to see more collaborative entries this year. We will also be adding more white papers to the Isos offerings in the coming year as part of our continuing initiative to provide relevant, invaluable content. As good as 2014 was on the blogging front, 2015 is shaping up to be better.

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