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Working from home gives you the freedom to work whenever you want, but you need to learn what tools you find helpful to manage your time. Below are some quick tips to keep you on track!

The To-Do List

Start of your day with a 15 minute planning session. Make a To-Do list of what you want to complete for the day. For each task make a side note on how much you expect to allocate for this task. You can further enhance this managing tip by making a To-Do list at the start of the week for the next seven days and then modify the daily tasks everyday based on what you completed each day.

During your 15 minute sessions also make sure to prioritize the tasks. This will keep you on track to complete the most important issues first. I'll let you decide where to create this list, but a couple of my favorite are: an actual notebook, your favorite notes application, Trello, or if you're working with Confluence then even better! Confluence is my choice as it keeps everything in one place, your notes, to-do lists, and documentation.


Once you have your assignments organized for the day, you can use your choice of calendar to find a time and schedule each task. Of course sometimes you underestimate the time spent per assignment, but that's why using a calendar is helpful. Having a clear view of what your day will look like makes it easier to readjust your time if needed and, again, keeps all your work and family time centralized.

Set Work Schedule

Everyone works more effectively at different times and working from home allows you this luxury, but one thing I would recommend is having a set schedule. Even if your schedule is from 4am - 7am, then you take a short break to drop off the kids, and you resume work after 9am, try to always work at the same time. This will reduce work-family conflict. Also, knowing you you have a set time to get work done motivates you to be more effective with your time.

Don't fret if you haven't found the appropriate tools to keep you going during the day. There's always something out there for everyone. And if it's not out there then build it yourself! I'm sure other people think the same way as you.

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