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DSC09841Collaboration starts from within, and here at Isos, we don’t just help other organizations work more efficiently and effectively with Atlassian tools; we live it! Atlassian tools support our day-to-day work across all departments and serve as important factors when it comes to our culture.

We believe that an individual’s experience with Isos Technology is not just a career, but a learning journey. The tools we use such as Confluence, Jira, and Trello all have a purpose, and they help Isos teams along their journey, creating a more collaborative environment even while working remotely.

So What Tools Do You Use?

We're glad you asked! A simple, but effective tool like Trello helps us keep our teams organized and on track, while still being able to collaborate efficiently. By taking advantage of easy-to-use workflows such as power-ups and their integrations with Slack, it allows our teams to spend more time focusing on client needs, and less time on managing workflows. However, it's usually not enough to keep track of just tasks, as we need somewhere to note our processes, campaigns, and any other useful information. As it so happens, Confluence provides the perfect solution for that!

We ditched the outdated paperweight that was the HR handbook, and instead created a Collaborative Culture space within Confluence. It links out to topics that directly affect our peep's experience, such as deep dives into our benefits, where they can find new policies and tools, and how they connect to the bigger picture of Isos. Our culture book is a live document that we can edit as needed in Confluence because as we grow, so does our vision and the way we want to get there.

When you give your organization all the tools to be successful and create a transparent culture like ours, it’s easy to feel connected to your team, even when they're thousands of miles away.


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