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mapEver since Atlassian announced the end of support for Server on February 15, 2024, more organizations than ever are prioritizing migrations to Cloud. Some of the most frequent—and most important—questions we get have to do with security, compliance, and other trust-related concerns. The great news is, Atlassian is extremely transparent, and the information you need is posted online in the Atlassian Trust Center. It does take a bit of navigating, but that’s what this post is all about—we’ve pulled together links to the top resources to make it easier for you to find what you need.

The Atlassian Trust Center is divided into four main sections that cover security, reliability, privacy, and compliance. Following are links to some of the most useful content, although we encourage you to explore the site, because there is so much more there!



From secure software development practices to a bug bounty program, Atlassian prioritizes security in everything it does. The security section of the Trust Center covers:



Your customers rely on you, and you rely on Atlassian, so Atlassian prioritizes the stability of its products, applications, and networks.



Atlassian is committed to meeting the highest privacy standards, and since it’s a landscape that evolves quickly, the company even shares its thinking about new developments via its updates page.



Atlassian strives to meet all of its customers’ compliance needs, even those with complex regulatory requirements. The company has a great resource center where you can search certifications by region, category, and industry.


One last thing!

Security, reliability, privacy, and compliance are a big deal, and your internal teams who oversee these things are going to need time to do their research and make sure Atlassian’s practices are compatible with your organization’s needs. That’s why it’s so important to bring all of your stakeholders into the migration conversation early.

If you need to migrate to Atlassian Cloud before February 15, 2024, your first call should be to Isos Technology (we can help!), but your second should be to your security and compliance teams.

Heck, you can even send them this article!

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