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A quarterly roundup of the latest Atlassian and Isos Technology announcements and news.


Isos was named an Appfire 2021 Red Hot Partner Award Winner! The Red Hot Partner Awards recognize an elite group of software partners in the Atlassian ecosystem with strong year-over-year growth and outstanding sales volumes of Appfire’s family of apps.




Free! Atlassian Atlas Teamwork Directory

Atlassian announced Atlas, a new product that helps companies share context around work, including who is on what team, what teams are working on, and why. In Atlas, each project is assigned a home page that includes a description, goals, updates, and even links to support materials.

Although Atlas is still in Beta, it is available for free on Atlassian’s website. Get it here.


Early Access! Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics

Atlassian announced two new Atlassian platform capabilities at Team ‘22: Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics. Atlassian Data Lake puts data from Jira Software and Jira Service Management in one place—a data lake—so it can be analyzed across multiple products and instances. In the future, data from products across the entire platform will be stored in it.

Atlassian Analytics is a hub that connects to the Atlassian Data Lake, so that users can easily access their data using out-of-the-box dashboards, no-code visualization, and SQL visualization. It uses technology from Chartio, an acquisition Atlassian made last year.

Atlassian Data Lake and Atlassian Analytics are now available through an Early Access Program for Cloud Enterprise Jira Software and Jira Service Management customers. Apply to participate here.


New Point A Program Product: Atlassian Compass

At Team ‘22, Atlassian also introduced Compass, a new product designed to make it easier for software teams to track and manage the increasing number of tools they use due to the shift to microservices.

Compass is composed of Components, a catalog with a unified interface where users can track technical architecture and teams, Scorecards, a tool for evaluating the health of each component in real time, and Apps, an extensibility engine for installing apps and bringing in information from third-party tools.

Compass is part of Atlassian’s Point A program, which allows customers to test-drive new products and provide feedback. It’s currently in alpha, with beta coming soon. Get it here.





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