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Top 5 Takeaways from Fusion 2017 | Isos Insider - November 2017

Isos Insider


Top Five Takeaways from HDI Fusion 2017

Isos Technology was thrilled to work side-by-side with Atlassian at HDI Fusion 2017 and discover how support team leaders are solving problems. We spoke with companies and attendees from all over the globe, which gave us plenty of insight into trends in ITSM. We also learned a lot about the goals and objectives support teams are trying to achieve.

Behold, our Top Five Takeaways from Fusion 2017:

1. ITSM is an ever-changing and progressive industry. OK, well, we actually already knew this (and you probably did, too). But attending this event, and seeing all of the new technology offerings out there for ITSM, reinforced to us that it is essential to keep apprised of cutting-edge solutions, because trends and objectives change on a daily basis.

2. The majority of attendees indicated their biggest service desk needs were/are: Easy set up and automation, solution scalability, no limits on customer interactions, and the built-in ability to provide excellent support via all three channels (portal, phone and email).

3. Many people we spoke with explained that they're looking for service desk software that operates on a complete platform and integrates well with other departments in their organization. Stand-alone service desk software solutions are losing steam because of their inability to adapt to the needs of other departments, which ultimately compromises team collaboration and efficiency.

4. There was a lot of interest in leveraging aknowledge base in service desk solutions. IT professionals are looking to integrate knowledge base articles that they've already created into their service desk software. They believe this will save time and drastically improve customer support via the portal and email.

5. Taking into consideration all of this information we learned, Jira Service Desk is still our favorite help desk software solution out there, because it addresses all of these needs and concerns, and then some. We know that your team and organization will love it, too. Which is why you should check out our upcoming live webinar (see below...)!

Join Us for Our Jira Service Desk Live Webinar!

Wednesday, November 15th
10:00 AM MST

During this informative presentation, Thad West, Co-Founder of Isos Technology, will walk you through the end-to-end process of setting up your first service desk, including:

  • Configuring the client portal
  • Establishing a knowledge base
  • Setting up SLAs
  • Working with queues
  • Using the automation engine

We guarantee that you'll walk away from this webinar ready to implement a service desk inside your own organization. Plus, we'll talk about why Jira Service Desk is our number one solution for teams of all shapes and sizes that are looking to perfect their IT Service Management processes. We'll also cover how Jira Service Desk stacks up against the competition (hint: extremely well), and we'll conduct an Q&A session at the end of our webinar, so please bring any questions that you might have!

Giving Thanks to Our Amazing Customers

As Thanksgiving Day fast approaches, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers. You're the reason why we come to work every day and strive to offer the best and most efficient solutions for your technology challenges. We value each and every one of you, and promise to continue our commitment to providing you with our very best service. We recognize that our customers are the life force behind the unprecedented success we've achieved as a company in 2017. So, from all of us here at Isos, THANK YOU!

Veteran's Day is coming up, as well, so we also want to express our sincere thanks to those of you who have served or currently serve in the Armed Forces. We truly appreciate your commitment and sacrifice.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can be of any assistance with any of your upcoming projects. In the meantime, I hope you have a very relaxing and fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday.


From the Isos Batcave: Three Confluence Add-Ons We Love

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we have access to all sorts of cool software extensions for the Atlassian toolset. We've compiled a list of our three favorite add-ons for Confluence. These are extensions that we use regularly in our workplace and, quite simply, can't live without:

1. Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence by K15t Software - Use this awesome plug-in to author content in Confluence and transform it into a professional document. At Isos, we use Scroll PDF Exporter on a daily basis to write proposals and statements of work. It is a must-have for both technical and business teams!

2. Page Tree Creator (Blueprint Creator) by EPS Software Engineering - Teams can collaborate to form new templates, blueprints and complex page trees with just the press of a button. Check it out...it's a super cool add-on.

3. Archiving Plug-in for Confluence by Midori Global Consulting - Another one of our favorites, this plug-in automatically tracks usage and review of Confluence pages. It  notifies authors and supervisors and presents recommendations about what pages can and should be archived. This helps remove clutter in Confluence and, in the long run, prevents inefficiency and errors. We love this add-on and use it all the time!

What You Should Be Reading

For all of you support technicians and managers out there, check out this great blog on the art of writing a status update. The author shares some common pitfalls to avoid when communicating outages to external customers.  Trust us, it's worth the read!

Quote of the Month

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

-Bill Gates

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