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Untitled-1908The Isos family continues to grow in new and exciting ways! These last few months have been incredibly busy for us, but also incredibly rewarding. To recap, in December of 2022, we announced that Isos had joined the portfolio of The Acacia Group, a specialist investor in digital transformation services. This move made a ton of sense for us, for several reasons, but most importantly that  1) Isos instantly became the cornerstone of Acacia’s pureplay investment to create the strongest Atlassian Partner in the world (a cause we can thoroughly get behind), and 2) the Atlassian practice of MajorKey, another Acacia portfolio company, joined forces with Isos to create a superpower Partner in the Atlassian ecosystem. And indeed, the merging of Isos and MajorKey’s teams have created an amazing blend of Atlassian expertise and experience that is already serving our current customers in incredible ways.

Now, we have more exciting news to share. We are thrilled to welcome HyperVelocity, another fast-growing Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, to the Isos family! HyperVelocity is the missing puzzle piece we’ve been looking for, for several reasons:

  • As I mentioned above, The Acacia Group is wholly committed to creating the leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the world. With the awesome combination of Isos, MajorKey, and HyperVelocity, we’re well on our way to that goal. With the addition of HyperVelocity, we’ll have over 130 Atlassian-accredited specialists with deep expertise in ITSM, Agile, DevOps, and Cloud migration. This dream team has decades of experience helping all types of public and private sector organizations get maximum ROI on their Atlassian investment.
  • HyperVelocity has a wealth of experience providing Agile coaching to enterprise clients, and has created a very mature Agile Services offering in the process. The addition of their vast amount of knowledge and experience around Agile will bolster Isos’ growing Agile Services team to create a perfect combination to serve our current and future customers. 
  • HyperVelocity also specializes in working with U.S. government agencies to optimize their investment in Atlassian, helping their teams collaborate, build and create. With the addition of HyperVelocity to our team, Isos will enhance its public sector footprint and reap the benefits of their incredible knowledge to help federal, state, and local government agencies across the country.
  • Isos takes pride in its relaxed, flexible and forward-thinking culture, and it is not an exaggeration when I say that HyperVelocity is a perfect fit for us, from a cultural perspective. We truly feel like we’ve hit the jackpot twice from a cultural perspective, first with the amazing team at MajorKey and now with the incredible people at HyperVelocity. 

This dream team we’ve created, with the help of Acacia, will enable us to shoot for the stars, propelling us higher and higher in the Atlassian ecosystem and enabling us to offer organizations far and wide our amazing Atlassian services. We cannot wait for what the future holds for us! Thanks for coming along on this journey with us.

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