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[New Webinar - May 18] Service Management: Not Just for IT Anymore

Explore the Modern World of Enterprise Service Management featuring Forrester & Isos Technology



17 May, 2022

[New Webinar] Service Management: Not Just for IT Anymore: Explore the Modern World of Enterprise Service Management featuring Forrester® & Isos Technology

The future of ITSM is Enterprise Service Management (ESM)—or is ESM already here to stay? With...

26 Apr, 2022

5 Reasons It’s Time to Update Your Service Desk Technology to JSM

The IT Service Desk serves as a front-line point for customer contact and an essential part of the...

12 Apr, 2022

How to Use the New ITSM Categories Functionality in Jira Service Management

As Jira Service Management (JSM) has grown, Atlassian has made several enhancements to bolster its...

15 Mar, 2022

6 Reasons We're Excited for Team '22, Atlassian's Annual Conference & Expo

As we welcome the month of March into our lives, there are many reasons to celebrate. Spring is...

1 Mar, 2022

Atlassian Acquires Percept AI—What that Means for Jira Service Management

Atlassian’s recent acquisition of Percept AI, an AI-powered virtual agent technology, is the most...

1 Mar, 2022

The Best Atlassian Tools for Enterprise Service Management

Atlassian first released Jira Service Desk in 2012, and since then, the product has come a long...

15 Feb, 2022
Atlassian Tools

Insight Asset Management: A Super Cool Tool You Should Be Using with JSM

Insight Asset Management is a powerful tool becoming more and more natively integrated with Jira....

18 Jan, 2022

What IT Teams Can Teach Business Teams about Running a JSM Service Desk

Every ITSM team is powered by a service desk, and ITSM team members are experts at setting them up,...

21 Dec, 2021
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