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sre,-slo,-sliDevOps is a belief system, set of principles, and mindset that informs how software development and operations teams organize to deliver customer value. Close collaboration between development and operations teams, a belief in shared responsibility for outcomes, and commitment to quality and continuous improvement are all central DevOps themes. When that belief system and mindset are adopted across an organization or even a subset of teams, it begins to drive a larger cultural shift, and consequently, DevOps is often described as a cultural movement.

The challenge with DevOps, though, is that while it embraces a distinct way of thinking, and even has job titles, processes, practices, and underlying tools associated with it, it is not particularly prescriptive. DevOps is focused on how work gets done rather than prioritizing what work needs to be done. So as DevOps has continued to evolve and gain momentum across the enterprise, it is driving both the need and opportunity for organizations to become more focused on what work, exactly, their development and operations teams should be focused on to drive that customer value. Traditionally, that decision has been the domain of product development or business teams, with an emphasis on developing new features and enhancements.

In our whitepaper, A Foundational Guide to SRE, SLOs, and SLIs, we discuss the complications of DevOps and SRE, as well as why SLOs are a clear way to define, measure, and manage reliability to ensure you are meeting your customers' expectations while building and running.

This whitepaper also covers:

  • Transforming DevOps from Build to Run
  • Key concepts in Site Reliability Engineering
  • How to prevent issues when implementation and testing is taking place
  • SLOs as a Service: Automating SRE
  • A comprehensive understanding of the Site Reliability Glossary
  • Getting started with SLOs
  • And more...

Check out this informative whitepaper!site reliability cta

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